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Msg. April 11, 2007; “All Volunteer Army”

Volunteers Or Mercenaries?

By Joshua Rosenstock | April 11, 2007

“The struggle to entice Army soldiers and Marines to stay in the military, after four years of war in Iraq, has ballooned into a $1 billion campaign, with bonuses soaring nearly sixfold since 2003.” 

My Response to the above Blogger:

JR, why can’t we get the history “straight?” I know the left and right are screaming their sound bytes so loudly it’s hard to hear “The war” against Jihadists was on @ 911. Up until that time we just brushed it off as isolated crime.

So, what did we do, we recognized the enemy was not conventional and was sponsored and supported by the likes of Iran, Libya, Somalia, Pakistan, Iraq, on and on. The President said, “You’re either with us or you are against us.” He made it clear, then, that the “war against terror,” and I don’t like that term, it’s a tactic not the enemy, would take decades to resolve. He said, it would be seen and unseen, conventional and unconventional tactical warfare. He expressed the need for a UNITED world community. He asked for world support and got a cold shoulder. I submit, that if the world community had stepped up to ITS RESPONSIBILITY, we wouldn’t be in this mess in the first place! Let’s put the BLAME where it belongs! How soon we forget. Bush spoke the truth. That was not a lie!

This 100 year war is not going away. Iraq is just one phase of that war unless of course we are prepared to surrender now. We can agree that Iraq has not gone the way we planned. I concede it was mismanaged. We made a mistake in our plan of attack. However, I disagree with those that say it was a premeditated mistake to decide to go there.

Firstly, attacking Iraq was a militarily strategic decision and it was meant to serve multitude of purposes. Warfare is a level of complexity most people don’t understand. I admit it. Especially when one is in the midst of battle.

One of the reasons,was to end the tyranny and WMD concealed threats by Sadam and his Republican
Guard. He was one of the stupidest military tacticians of all time. He bluffed until he was called, to the detriment of his entire nation. All he had to do, was comply with our demand for inspections. This is not all on Georgy’s head.

Another reason, to put some teeth into the dozens of toothless Useless Nations sanctions. All, while Sadam fired on our enforcement of the no fly zones to protect the Kurds and the Shiites (who have since turned on us after we liberated them from the death grip of the Suni tyrants). All, while the Security Council members were voting one way and double dealing the other.

Another reason, the military strategy to turn Iraq around and enlist her as an ally against Jihadists was theoretically a good one at the time, sociologically and geographically. If we had been more successful, do you doubt that all the politicians from both sides of the isle wouldn’t be crowing about the fact they did vote for the second invasion of Iraq. Now, everyone is running away from it.

In hind sight, it should be obvious, that our strategy was to put our decades old foe, Iran, in a cross fire; between two fronts, Iraq and Afghanistan. What we didn’t count on was our allies stabbing us in the back and our political parties here at home using the war effort as a club; to beat each other over the head, and prosecute our soldiers, for nominal “gains.”

Our congress has made a despicable showing of American resolve, even when we have every right to vanquish our enemies. They, our enemies, are using Iraq and the entire middle east to drain American resources and our resolve. They want to defeat and demoralize our population and civilization. While our opportunistic friends, China, Russia, and Western Europe exploit the situation rather than help us defeat a global threat. As I’ve said before, you’ll see the most terror in the eyes of those watching America, go into survival mode, and pull out of the geopolitics of the middle east. That will be holy terror for all who live in that region. Especially, those who are not Muslims.

Those MEN aren’t mercenaries, Sir. They are fighting your battles and doing your killing. Freedom is not free. As the freedom loving Spartans pledged, “Come home with your shield or on it.” The Secretary of Defense announed today that combat deployment will now be a fifteen month rotation. Otherwise, dwell time would have to be less that one year. Raising their very low pay, has nothing to do with volunteer vs. mercenary. Its just common decency, equity and respect. If we don’t take a stand now and there, when and where will we? Don’t you dare look down your nose at them; our men and women in uniform.

Maybe you prefer blood on your doorstep? What will you say then? What will you do? Are you married with children? Do you want to win the war against the radical Muslim Jihadists? Have you not heard what they say they want, and try to do, to do to our civilization? Shall we continue to bash Bush, appoint the 500 members of congress as Generals, and act like we know how to conduct military operations? Congress didn’t look so confident and smug on 9/11. Do we need another one to wake this country and this congress up? I guarantee you, when there is another attack, they’ll be the first one’s yelling, “…why didn’t you do anything to save us?! Get out there and fight, here’s a blank check!”

I suggest the fundamental error is that we have let the rest of the world off the hook because we are a “super power.” They’re happy to let us take their lumps for them. The whole idea of the U.N. was to prevent world wars by isolating and standing united against roughish nations with ambitions to become nuclear threats and a menace to the world community. Some neighborhood! The only thing we’ve gotten is a rogue’s gallery of corrupt diplomats who wallow in debauchery while their blue hats sit around and do nothing, except maybe rape the local women.

I think we need to step up the heat on the world community to either put up or shut up. And if they choose the latter, then, that is the last straw as far I’m concerned. And, the only mercy left should be that which God himself can give.

George is right about one other thing, for a change, the next president will still be fighting “The War” on Jihadist. Remember that when you go to the poles.


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Msg. Mar. 20, 2007; “300”? or 300 Million?


Leonidas (King Of Sparta) roars his defiance at the Persian invaders in “300.”


Battle of Thermopylae was a true historical battle during the 5th century,  of Greek warriors pitted against an overwhelming Persian expeditionary force of 250,000 soldiers commanded by Xerxes. The box office hit “300” is a graphic recreation of that long ago event. Not only did the Greeks save Europe from the Middle Eastern conquerers, but their victory spawned a flourishing era of  culture, philosophy, and government.  Greek civilization later inspired our founding fathers to study their success. The rest is history!  They gave birth to the U.S.A. and the American love of freedom and respect for the rule of law.

A small group of men that lived by a collective code; they would rather,  die as free men on their feet,  than live a life on their knees; “return with their shield or on it…no surrender, no retreat.”  They weren’t afraid of their enemies and they were’nt afraid to let them know it.

Its about time our domestic media started publishing antijihadist propaganda and mocking our foes. Our pop culture and media screed has lured our collective consciousness into a virtual coma. Most of us just can’t believe we are at war and “they” are amassing an army, using Trojan Horse warfare, Political Islam, betrayal and bribery, to subjigate us. All 300 Million of us. So which is it gonna be a mere “300” or 300 Million?

Thank you to the creators of anticalyphate and antijihadist movies and T.V. drama. Something many Americans watch frequently. Maybe they’ll hear the message. Thank you “300” and thank you “24.” 

“300” Trailer


The Battle Of Thermopylae 1


The Battle Of Thermopylae 2


The Battle Of Thermopylae 3


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Msg. Feb. 7, 2007; “Terrorist’s Words”

“Radical Islam; Terror In Its Own Words” by Dead Messenger


Fox News reporter E.D. Hill presented a Fox News Special expose last weekend titled, “Radical Islam; Terror In Its Own Words,” in colaboration with Brigitte Gabriel, journalist, author, “Because They Hate” and President of the American Congress for Truth. Yesterday, I received an email from Ms. Gabriel in which she states, she belives  the American publc needs a weekly show she has proposed called, “Middle East Media Watch.”

Brigitte stated;

“I will be interviewed on Hannity and Colmes tonight discussing the hate teachings of Islam against the infidels, Jews and Christians, to children and adults here and around the world. Tune in and tell your friends.

They will be showing clips of the Fox Special “Radical Islam, in their own words” which I had worked on with E.D. Hill. The special will be airing again this coming weekend for those of you who missed it.

Make sure you email Fox News and thank them for having the courage to show such videos and air such a documentary. Here is the email address: Ask them to create more programming on this issue.

I had presented Fox News with a TV show titled: “Middle East Media Watch” which I have been working on for two years. Fox thought that there might not be enough interest in the American public to watch such a program on a weekly basis. So they decided to do documentaries instead to test the pulse of interest. I believe there is so much material to wake up the American public and to debate the issues.

I believe someone like me who comes from a Middle Eastern background can debate the issues with the Islamic imams or any of their spokespersons, cutting through the political correctness because I come from the Middle East and no one can accuse me of being racist. I know so much detail about the Arabic culture that I will stop them in their tracks when they try to pull any games designed to derail any westerner. I can open up their Koran and quote it in Arabic, my first tongue, and they cannot run circles around me with the translation issue. I beleive we need to expose the Muslim double talk by the insincere talking heads making excuses for anything and everything.

You need to let Fox know that there is a great interest in seeing a weekly show like that. If you agree, here is what you can email them:


Thank you for having the courage to air the special about Radical Islam this last weekend. You have been a shining light in the media bringing the important issues to light in a way that no other news network has done.

We encourage you to air more programming like this. We even welcome a weekly program designed to monitor the Arabic media and debate those clips with the so called moderate Muslims in America. You can probably use someone like Brigitte Gabriel who was interviewed on your special and speaks the Arabic language as her first tongue to debate them. I strongly encourage you to give the American public more of those types of programs. We as Americans need to see the face of the enemy we are dealing with and how they are preparing the next generation to kill us, so we may prepare our next generation to defend the freedoms and values our founding father died to establish in our great country. 

May God bless you for your courage and bless our great country.

(your name)

The above is a sample letter. Please change it as much as you want and personalize it. “

Because They Hate: A Survivor of Islamic Terror Warns America” by Brigitte Gabriel


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Msg. Feb. 3, 2007; “Mess of Millennia”


 Web of Deceit 1990: Sure Saddam, take Kuwait; Barry Lando

US Complicity with Saddam’s ’91 slaughter. PART 1/2

US complicit as Saddam annihilates 91 uprising PART 2/2

Barry Lando Interview with the Colbert Report: 

I was watching a pre-recorded author’s book review on CSPAN today; Web of Deceit: The History of Western Complicity in Iraq, from Churchill to Kennedy to George W. Bush by Barry M. Lando. Mr. Lando is unabashedly a self admitted dissenter of the current American military involvement in Iraq. I value his perspective on the history of American and western Europe’s,  involvement in Iraqi national politics. His  report may give us an important understanding about how “we” got into this perpetual middle eastern millennial mess. 

The author’s review and question/answer period excited my memory of the days just before operation Iraqi Freedom. I remember a phone conversation with my Dad, ‘I’m not worried about winning a military battle with Saadam,… he has defied the U.N. and weapons inspection protocols, …he is a ruthless tyrant, …but what are we going to do after he is defeated…that’s what worries me…’ And so, my worst fears have come true. It’s on the lips of all the hand wringing and debating American congressmen, several whom want to conduct American foreign policy independent of the executive branch, “…[a very grim situation]…”

Historically, the Iraqi morass we find ourselves in isn’t totally the making of George Bush II. As Mr. Lando said, “… there’s plenty of blame to go around.”  What’s disturbing to me is, we appear to be  repeating the failed attempt by the British, French, Italians, and Russians,  in the  previous Millenia during the early 20th century; the Sykes-Picot Agreement. They exploited wealth and bilaterally strategized how they would dominate and control regions and governments in the middle east after the fall of the Ottoman empire.

Such  partitions include most notably the formation of Palestine, Israel,  and Iraq as well as Jordan, Turkey, Syria, and Lebanon and several others.  In view of recent and successive historical events, not much seems to have changed middle eastern anger and hatred toward western europe and subsequently America.

What enrages me is, I believe the U.S. has allowed the progenitors of the Iraqi/middle east mess, at great expense to us,  to “get off the hook;” an escape by western European nations and other members of the United Nations shirking their international responsibility. It is my opinion, prior to invading Iraq, we should have “held their feet to the fire” and insisted “they” (the United ones),  review their involvement and responsibility for middle east peace. U.S. foreign policy should have made it clear, that “they” must back up their numerous and repeated U.N. resolutions agains Iraq, with their troops and treasure also.

Concomitantly, U.S.  mistakes in the middle east, have unilaterally provided the strategic self distraction and economic drag our current, potential and former enemies could previously only have hoped for.  As long as the U.S. remains isolated by the world community as a unilateral actor, we’re a weaker force. Our enemies are emboldened to aggressively persue their  mischevious and evil international and geopolitical agenda in the form of proxy warriors and nuclear/conventional weaponization.

I think it was important for America to have insisted on multinational support before the war in Iraq, but, we failed to do that.  Although, late as it may be, I believe that is what is urgently needed today. The United Nations seems to have failed its purpose to unite the nations of the world in peace and the rule of law enforced against nuclear rogue nations and sponsors of terrorism i.e. North Korea, Iran, Iraq, Lybia, Syria, and so on. Short of that, we find our nation  forced to protect our vital national interest,  which is access to middle eastern oil. Additionally, we must defend our nation, and others, against fascist Islamist using Fabian Strategy in the U.S.  conflict with Iraq, at home,  and other global fronts.

 If the U.N. isn’t willing to do their part and the American Public refuses to support expeditionary conflicts against our enemies we are left with one option, in my opinion. That is,  withdraw and garrison America and allow the reluctant and irresponsible nations in the region to settle the social and economic mess for the remainder of this millennia.

Frankly, I have no problem with an American  laissez faire foreign policy. We have plenty of domestic policies that have been completely neglected by the distractions of Iraq, and other geopolitical  issues not being resolved by the regional actors who should be active and responsible for seeking their resolution.

 Of course, we will have to be willing to  stay out of real and potential military conflicts which threaten the future of western Europe, Africa, Asia, and many other parts of the world. Just like world war II, they’ll come neighborly knocking on America’s door asking for our assistance, treasure, and troops, to save them from the threats they refused to face. 

Having garrisoned our country, withdrawn all foreign aid dollars,  and avoided the cost of future military support, such a U.S.  laissez faire policy could afford our diplomats and political leaders the opportunity to be a passive global as well as the U.N.s most ardent critic. Similar to the frequent criticisim the U.S. receives from U. N. members and many quarters of the globe. That way we won’t have to suffer the likes of Senator John Kerry sticking another foot in his mouth claiming America is the pariah of the world.

As I have stated before, I think the best we could do for our vital national interest is persue a vigorus policy of energy independence within ten years. And, limit our global humanitarian contributions to improving our educational institutions and providing universal access of quality education to U. S. Citizens. Further, exporting our superior educational services in the  humanites,  life sciences, political science, and world history, to students traveling to the U.S. from other countries. Additionally, constraining our military to protection of our continent except for humanitarian aid to nations suffering natural disasters, which they can pay us back for after they recover.  As Michael Savage stated, “…protect our borders, langauge, culture…[and standard of living].”

Why should our domestic economy and future well being be dependent on unlimited growth and population of our nation? I doubt we can sustain it. It seems to me,  our political leadership, the common good of our nation, and domestic policy,  is divided. It appears to me to be divided,  by the constant corporate and government emphasis on expanding and exploiting international markets and labor,  coupled with unrestrained and unlimited growth here at home. When is enough, enough? How many billionaires can we afford? Answer, maybe we’ll know sometime in the  next millennia. Did I say Mellennia? How about the next decade? A time when, there is no middle class left in the U.S.A. ; only the rich and the poor. We’ll be just like those western European and third world nations many Americans admire  today,  yet whom  criticise us the most.

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Msg. Jan 29, 2007; “Liv’n In America…”

In the article Hezbollah, Illegal Immigration, and the Next 9/11 By LTC Joseph Myers and Patrick Poole | April 28, 2006 the following quote from author and journalist Barbara Newman tells us:

 “…According to Tom Diaz and Barbara Newman, co-authors of the recently published book, Lightning Out of Lebanon: Hezbollah Terrorists on American Soil (Presidio Press, 2005), active Hezbollah cells have been identified in Boston, New York, Newark, Atlanta, Miami, Tampa, Charlotte, Louisville, Detroit, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Portland. Diaz and Newman quote former FBI Hezbollah unit director, Bob Clifford, as saying, “they are the best light infantry in the world and can strike the United States anytime, anywhere.”…”

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Msg. Jan 22, 2007; “No Man Can Find The War”

Never forget, the power of an idea! 


Title: “No Man Can Find The War”

Artist: Tim Buckley

Album: Goodbye And Hello
Year: 1967

“Photographs of guns and flame
Scarlet skull and distant game
Bayonet and jungle grin
Nightmares dreamed by bleeding men
Lookouts tremble on the shore
But no man can find the war

Tape recorders echo scream
Orders fly like bullet stream
Drums and cannons laugh aloud
Whistles come from ashen shroud
Leaders damn the world and roar
But no man can find the war

Is the war across the sea?
Is the war behind the sky?
Have you each and all gone blind:
Is the war inside your mind?

Humans weep at human death
All the talkers lose their breath
Movies paint a chaos tale
Singers see and poets wail
All the world knows the score
But no man can find the war”

My dialogue and response (below) to another blogger (Vince Williams) from who commented on Msg. Jan. 18, 2006; “To Surge or Insurge? That is the question!”:

I invite DM to take a spirit-restoring drink from the spring of life that flows in the oasis of rational thought.

Before he does this, however, he should spew the toxic residue of the bitter draught he has been imbibing at the fountain of hate lately frequented by the likes of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

It’s easy to fling weasel words like “Fascist Islam” and “evil Imperialists”, it takes a bit more effort to make a reasoned argument.

People in the United States forget, if they ever knew, that the U.S. and Britain have a long history of intervention in the internal affairs of Iran.

The CIA-orchestrated coup that overthrew Prime Minister Dr. Mohammad Mossadegh in 1953 is not ancient history to the Iranian people.

The U.S./Britain cabal never had an agenda of “advancing a democratic regime” in Iran, and their policies there have left a legacy of hatred for the western powers.

This will likely be their legacy in Iraq as well, because of the misguided military adventurism of the Bush/Blair partnership.

VW, please, allow me to “fling” a few more “weasel words”?: Radical ignorant Muslims want to murder you, your family, and all your countrymen today; as soon as possible? Animals, such as that, deserve to be crushed like a bug!

Maybe you want to apologize for and justify their homicidal suicides? Yea, I’m tak’n a big drink of hatred for that kind of behavior and buy’n drinks for the house! May I get you one?

Perhpas you’d like to justify and apologize for a communist government like North Korea or a Wahabist monarchy like Saudi Arabia, or (the Taliban) a fascist regime of sharia law like the one we rescued the Afghannistan people from?

So, during the last 100 years, the British, the French, the Germans, the Russians, and numerous others have all historically meddeled in middle eastern affairs. What does that have to do with the price of tea in China? I suppose you’re also for paying repirations to Americans with African ancestry and giving the entire southwest (Astlan) back to Mexican Reconqistadora’s, and the entire east cost back to the Native American Indians? We’re done with all that; it’s history!

We have to figure a way to proceed from here; today. I will never kneal before contemporary expressions of ancient Muslim hatred and claims to religiosupremacy. I can only pray and hope that the American people will be reminded, with each passing day, exploding Iranian IED, and terrorist attack, of the blessings and benefits they ALL enjoy as a result of our judeo/christian history and heritage!

The fascist Muslim Mullas don’t need a pretext to hate Americans or any other non-Muslim Infidel society! Its very simple, its in the Quaran, its on their lips and in their daily prayers to Allah, “Islam will conquer the world!”

I didn’t say, U.S. and Britain had an agenda of advancing a democratic regime in Iran. So, why are you instructing me about it? And what’s wrong with democracy? More countries prosper and live in peace under democratic rules than any other form of government.

I don’t claim to know what will be the end result or our foreign policy in the middle east. But, I do know I’m standing for Victory, freedom, and the right to believe whatever I choose.

As for our legacy in Iraq and Iran, I really don’t give a rat’s if they hate us or not! The Germans hated us once, the Japenese hate us once, the Russians hated once…..and they paid the price. So, the legacy of foreign powers hating and arousing a democracy such as (ours?) the U.S.A. is at the very least perilous. I suggest to you, “they” are the party of shame and evil, not America!

We’re not done with Iraq and Iran. Just because the Democrats have a marginal majority in congress is not a mandate for defeat and retreat. I suggest we don’t get too excited about your implied justification for rightous indignation against historical U.S. Geo-Political power in the middle east.

I have to wonder if D.M. would be so exuberantly negative, with so little persuasive result, if he weren’t using a pseudonym.

One man’s negative is another man’s positive, VW. If all you’ve got is more of that pseudointellectual screed, I suggest you start using a pseudonym in the future and save yourself from further embarrasment.

If you enjoy critque so much I suggest you write for the DNC or The National Enquirer or some other rag. However, just some friendly advice, if you want to excercise good blogging skills, stay focused on the issue(s).

Talk’n ’bout “weasel words”, “negative?!” That’s got to be one of the all-time worst! People who use that word are very often incomplete in their logic and lack substantive facts to back up their opinons. They typically resort to name calling rather than debate the facts. Why? The answer is, they only like to hear and debate the facts that support their position.

As has been said by, I forgot who, and I’m paraphrasing “…you’re entitled to your own opnion but not you’re own facts.”

I have to confess, DM, I’ve never made it to the end of one of your hateful diatribes, because you write garbage.

The only one doing any name-calling here is you.

VW, save your confessions for someone who has the jurisdiction to forgive you. If what I write is so inconsequential in your opinion, why waste your time commenting on it? Are you just trying to be hateful? What kind of garbage is that?

It’s nothing personal, DM. Just look at the words you use to talk about Muslims.

I have Muslim friends, and I thought somebody ought to put in a word for those human beings, too.

“No man can find the war…”

VW, I can appreciate your sensitivity and love for your fellow man. That’s what we all want. Perhaps you haven’t noticed but I always preface my text, when referring to Muslim terrorists, with words that defferntiates them as a radical, extremist, fascist, etc..

I realize there are peaceful moderate practioners of Islam, the majority in fact, I am not referring to them. But peaceful moderate Muslims have an obligation and responsibilty to stand up to terrorist intimidation and transform their religion from the fundamental and barbaric origin of past generations.

This day they must internalize their concept of “jihad” and insist, anyone claiming to follow the higher principals expoused by Muhammed and his wish that they establish a personal realtionship with Allah, that they must insist no one of their faith should commit or teach hate and murder to their children.

I was listening to the radio talk show host Jerry Doyle the other day. During his show, he quoted some fraction that someone had estimated to compute and determine how many active violent estremist fundamental Muslims there are on the planet. I believe his computation was approximately thrity-five million. That’s alot of potential lethal mischief.

Setting aside our political differences VW I think we can both agree that dialogue and education is sorely needed. If Muslims want to practice Islam, so be it. But, they are going to have to do it next to Jews and Chrisitans and all the other world’s religions. God is no respector of persons and they are no more important than anyone else living here.

I for one, dream about the day when we can all accept that there is but one God that cares for us all. And, HE expects that in return we should care for and serve one another; a true and worthy basis for a world religion and civilization living in peace.

That day, seems to me, to be in the distant future. The day, when every man can find the war, within his own mind.

I think your arguments are more effective, and easier to read, when you’re not using loaded words like “fascist” and “animals” to talk about Muslims, even if you are talking specifically about Muslim terrorists.

It’s difficult to find common ground with Muslims, and to have dialogue with them, when you use such inflammatory speech.

I believe in God, but I would hope there’s room in your dream for people who don’t. There are lots of people on this planet whose circumstances make it difficult for them to believe in God, at least a benevolent one.

Well VW, we come full circle. I don’t believe I can accomadate you or radical Islam. I call a spade a spade. Until Islamic fascists abandon their dream, ideology, and visicious jihad to establish a world wide caliphate, I will continue to appropriately refer to them as such.

Here in the U.S.A. Muslims appear content to let the likes of a terrorist front, C.A.I.R., represent them. I don’t see dialogue from the leaders of C.A.I.R. as anything other than insincere and deceitful. They are projecting a dual loyalty strategy into our culture and society in an attempt to advance their fascist sponsor’s war efforts. Propaganda is a form of warfare.

I call your attention to the threat of lawful Islamism.

“…Introduction: The Threat of Lawful Islamism
Islamists ultimately seek hegemonic control via a worldwide caliphate that applies the Islamic law in full. Afghanistan under the Taliban offers one model of what they would establish globally.

Terrorism is one method to advance these projects but it is not the only one. Indeed, the activities of nonviolent Islamists arguably will prove a more effective tactic in the long term. For while the public intuitively understands the threat of terrorism and is mobilized by it, and while states have well-developed institutions (law enforcement, intelligence agencies, the military, the justice system) to protect and fight against it, the activities of nonviolent extremists are not alarming and institutions do not exist to deal with this problem. And how can terrorists impose their will on whole societies?

The Progress of Lawful Islamism
Quietly, lawfully, peacefully, Islamists do their work throughout the West to impose aspects of Islamic law, win special privileges for themselves, shut down criticism of Islam, create Muslim-only zones, and deprive women and non-Muslims of their full civil rights.

Lawful Islamists advance their cause through lobbying politicians, intimidating the media, threatening international boycotts, making predatory use of the legal system, advancing novel legislation, influencing the contents of school textbooks, and in other ways exploiting the freedoms of an open society. They advance their agenda in incremental steps, each of which in itself is minor but in the aggregate point to fundamental changes in society. Here is a sampling of such steps taken by non-Muslims to accommodate Islamists:…”

[…] In the video below: “Reformist Ms. Wafa Sultan accompanies publisher, Tashbih Sayyed. He professes Muslim PR agents, like C.A.I.R. and M.P.A.C., mask pro-Islamist, political agenda seeking to change democracy to Sharia. Encourages lazy Press to expose, and diversify to “true” moderate muslim voices. (Recipent of “Profile In Courage Award” from American Jewish congress.)”

Tashbih Sayyed warns us,  “… what is this Muslim American identity? … You are either an American or not an American …This is the bottom line I want to see established in the Media in this society [American]. Otherwise, we are doomed.”

 […] I invite you to see my blog about the results of such tactics in England. “Living on a Thin Line….There’s no England now…”

The moderate Imams and leaders of Islam in England are afraid to come out of their mosques and speak out against the self-appointed radical Muslim clerics who are claiming to share their faith yet threaten anyone who would criticize their brand of Islam. Who will speak for them, while they helplessly standby and watch their youth corrupted and abused by such vile jihadist instuction? You?

I am on guard. I will not stand by silently while those dogs try to use our own laws of freedom, free speech, and nondiscrimination, against us. Thier allegiance is to their sharia style of Islam, not the U.S.A. Thier religion isn’t anymore special than mine. Therefore, they don’t derserve special treatment or deference to their demands.

God save the Athiests, only his mercy and power of resurrection can change their minds. But their beliefs and ACLU litigous demands don’t give them freedom from religion; only a freedom of religion. Our government and our people have the history and the right to honor GOD. They aren’t gonna impose their beliefs on us and neither are the Muslims. Peace be with you VW.

Vince Williams wrote:



“Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but not their own facts.”

– Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan

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Msg. Jan. 5, 2006; George of the Jungle!


For some time, Bush has said that his Iraq policy would be guided by the opinion of our generals on the ground. They have spoken out against sending more troops, yet he ignores them.

The Baker/Hamilton Iraq Study Group has also counseled against a troop increase, yet he ignores their advice as well.

Finally, American voters sent a clear signal in November that they want fewer, not more, troops in Iraq. Yet he ignores them too.

If Bush does propose sending more troops to Iraq, then this stubborn, incompetent man, incapable of admitting his mistakes, will be standing alone, his delusion having devolved into madness.

It would follow then that he is no longer capable of exercising the judgment needed to perform his duties, and it would then be time to remove him under Section Four of the 25th Amendment: Presidential Disability, Involuntary Withdrawal.

The following was my response to a contributing commentator (see above Steve Levine; “The Madness Of King George”)  on the blog :

‘Why don’t you tell us what you really think? Apparently, you’d say Senator John McCaine is also wrong and should not have been reelected to another term? General John Abizide testified last month to the Senate that he agreed with an increase in troops if they were used to help increase Iraqi military and their control of the sectarian violence.
Who elected the head of the texas law firm Baker & Botts to serve as our secretary of state? Baker? His firm has very well known ties to and representation of wealthy Muslims in Saudi Arabia and elsewhere. His views don’t mean squat! He’s Neville Chamberline reincarnate; an appeaser with a conflict of interest.
It sounds to me like the commentor hates George Bush more than he wants to win the war in Iraq; a beach head in the war on Islamic Fascisim. General Abazide also testified in the same committee last month that he believed the Iraqis want to win the war and can win the war with our help without any reservation.

Agreeable, Georgy does have problems, but he isn’t the only one that makes up the office of the president. And he isn’t the only one that believes we can win this conflict. Taking pot shots at Georgy is easy shoot’n. Why don’t we spend more time aiming at the enemy instead of lobbing friendly fire at our own countrymen.

Iraq isn’t the apex of the war against Islamic Fascism and their employment of Fabian Strategy and terrorism. I think George sees the bigger picture and the problem is the poorly informed American Public doesn’t. They only see what the bought and paid for media wants them to believe; defeat. ‘


Msg. Oct 3, 2006; RE: Wimpy Rambos/

Check it out…

Iraq: A Turning Point (CLICK HERE TO SEE VIDEO)     
With Reports from Iraq from Senators John McCain and Joseph Lieberman  
Friday, January 5, 2007  11:00 AM  

American Enterprise Institute 
Location:  Wohlstetter Conference Center, Twelfth Floor, AEI
1150 Seventeenth Street, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20036

U.S. senator John McCain (R-Ariz.) and U.S. senator Joseph Lieberman (I-D-Conn.) recently returned from a fact-finding mission to Iraq. Both held extensive discussions with U.S. forces and Iraqi government officials. In light of a possible change in course for U.S. strategy in Iraq, their views will be critical in the upcoming Congressional debate.

At this important time, AEI resident scholar Frederick W. Kagan and former acting Army chief of staff General Jack Keane will release the updated and final version of phase one of “Choosing Victory: A Plan for Success in Iraq.” The study calls for a large and sustained surge of U.S. forces to secure and protect critical areas of Baghdad. Mr. Kagan directed the report in consultation with military and regional experts, including General Keane, former Afghanistan coalition commander Lieutenant General David Barno, and other officers involved with the successful operations of the Third Armored Cavalry Regiment in Tal Afar. An interim version of the report was released on December 14, 2006.

At this event, Mr. Kagan and General Keane will present their final report, which outlines how the United States can win in Iraq and why victory is the only acceptable outcome.

Senator McCain made reference to one of the members of the audience (Thomas E. Ricks) and his book as being a “siminole work” in the understanding of the complexities of the war in Iraq:

Fiasco: The American Military Adventure in Iraq by Thomas E. Ricks

For a interesting critique of the Baker/Hamilton Iraq Study Group click the hyper link below:

“Back To Your Studies: The Unbearable Shallowness of the ISG” By Rauell Marc Gerecht

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Msg. Jan. 1, 2007; “Living On A Thin Line”

I was listening to the radio talk show host Dr. Michael Savage earlier this month (December 13, 2006). He started his show with a song recorded in 1984, “Living on a Thin Line,” included in the album “Word of Mouth” written and performed by the British rock band, The Kinks. For your education and pleasure I recorded the rebroadcast of the show and added some video graphics and additional music. 


LIVING ON A THIN LINE from Dead Messenger on Vimeo.

“Living on a Thin Line” was haunting, evocative, and pleasingly melodic. The lyrics mourn the end of England and lamented, “…there’s no England now…” and that somehow all the kings and wars and institutions that came before it were, in the end, all for nothing.   England is truly under siege by radical Islamic Fascists. To the most casual of observers, it’s clear; they oppose democracy and everything that the nations of England and  America have worked so hard to achieve.  Mark Steyn writes in his book, “America Alone: The End Of The World As We Know It” by Mark Steyn:

” Europe’s successor population is already in place and “the only question is how bloody the transfer of real estate will be.” He interprets the Madrid and London bombings, as well as the murder of Theo van Gogh in Amsterdam, as opening shots in Europe’s civil war and states, “Europe is the colony now.”

Michael also blended his radio personality commentary and calls from his listeners to make the show particularly interesting and alarming. His monologue was an acerbic and accurate indictment of the failure and irresponsibility of our government, corporate culture, educational institutions, mass media, and congress. He tells us he sees ample evidence of radical Islam infiltrating all sectors of our society to advance a destructive, oppressive, and violent agenda against the U.S.A. Myself and many of his callers frequently ask, where is the general public and congressional outrage, indignation, confidence, and desire to defeat Islamic  Fascism!? 

Dr. Savage believes radical Muslims are using the same legal and educational sophistries and dual loyalty deception they have been using in England to bully and cow the public and government into catering to Muslims with special laws and public assistance. He sighted organizations resident in the United States such as C.A.I.R. (Council on American Islamic Relations) as being agents for those goals and methods. An article link on his website by Andrew McCarthy, “Singing CAIRs Tune On Your Dime” of the National Review (online)is an excellent expose of their infiltration into the highest levels of our federal govenment; including President Bush, the FBI, and TSA.  C.A.I.R. is rightly portrayed in the video as antithetical to American national sovereignty and security. Middle east expert, Daniel Pipes, criticizes C.A.I.R.’s self portrayal as a “…civil liberties group…” for Muslims. He also chronicles their exploits and Islamic terrorist connections.

 Michael Savage like many other geo political scholars believes  England has lost the will and the struggle against Islamic Fascism. He and his radio broadcasting crew mixed samples of historical speeches given by the Nazi appeaser Neville Chamberlain and the inspiration of WW2 Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill. Their speeches remind us of the danger of attempting to appease an enemy intent on our destruction and what we must do to prevent it. Indeed, England was “…Living on a thin line…” in world war two. If it hadn’t been for American intervention, England and all of western Europe would have been lost long ago.  

Our enemy today is much different than the ones we faced in WW I I and afterwards. Islamic Fascists are clandestine and unconventional. They are exceedingly patient in gathering intelligence and executing their tactics. As in all war, deception is one of their fiercest weapons. Violent radical Muslims are well funded with twentieth century petrol-wealth and are using it to leverage prosecution of their multigenerational campaign against western Judeo-Christian infidels.

Islamic Fascist have, using modern communications and transportation systems, established forward basing of their ideology in order to indoctrinate the indigenous offspring of Muslim refugees and immigrants that have found their way into America, England,France, Belgium, Australia, and many other countries. Their birth rates are typically three to four times western average birth rates. In addition, they also work especially hard to recruit and appeal to the indigenous weak minded, disaffected, socially degenerate, and criminal elements of their enemy’s society. Violent Jihadist don’t marshal, train, and field an army using traditional methods, time, and materials.  They are literally and generationally assembling their armies in our midst! It appears such a plan isn’t limited to physical combat. It is much more insidious than that. Plans like that only require that they propagate their ideology and out populate their opponent in competition for the same territory. Jihad has always been multigenerational in its quest to establish, by force if necessary, Islam as the only world religion. And, if we read the Middle East Forum “Islamist Watch; The Threat of Legal Islamism,”  they do it under the camouflage of our own freedoms of press, religion, and privacy.

Armed with radical Islamic ideology they have achieved social and cultural infiltration, occupation, domination, and assembly of tactical domestic warrior communities in our heartlands. They are independent of the need for the importation of weaponry and logistical support. There are no physical supply lines to attack and disrupt; only a radical ideology. A good example would be the “No Go Zones” in Paris, France. There’s no more France now. The new term for what was once Western Europe, is labeled by Bat Ye’or, a historian,  “Eurabia,” in her book titled Eurabia: The Euro-Arab Axis” by Bat Ye’or.

Brigitte Gabriel, Author, T.V. News Journalist, and Middle East Expert, tells us, we should “…listen to the enemy.” Only problem with that is we don’t speak their language. They are telling us and showing us what they plan to do. When will America wake up and listen and see? We are at war, but America and Americans in general don’t seem to be engaged and involved. The war cry seems to be “We deserve defeat!” I for one don’t think so! 

 America was once a country of men that knew their fate if they refused to stand and protect what they had worked so hard for. They were men who were willing to sacrifice everything for freedom; theirs and ours. If they had not, this country would have been ruled by the
British Empire or some other tyrant and oppressors. Perhaps, Nazi Germany, the Union of Soviet SocialistRepublic, or Fascist Islamic Republic. There was and is no free ride. We must remember the lessons of the past and the terrible price paid. If not, we will continue to pay a heavy toll for the future. If our countrymen hadn’t been willing to pay, attention to history, and the price of freedom, American colonist would have been broken long ago. Those, MEN, weren’t afraid to say what was on their mind. 
Maybe a remembrance of the American revolutionary army’s decisive battle of Yorktown would inspire some to action? For others, George Washington pleading in the bitter cold of winter for the continental army to reenlist against all odds and fairness. We must reclaim our identity as Americans and be willing to assert, protect, and win our rights. Yes, our rights, as a nation and a people whose founding fathers predicated a living social economic culture and government on their knowledge of the righteous goal and loving gospel that was given to all of us by our prophets in the spirit of truth, “The Fatherhood of God and The Brotherhood of All Men.” 

 What’s left of this once great country? A citizenry of apathy and ignorance? A pop culture dominated by viscous Rapp songs, drug abuse, sexual addiction, criminal idolization, and lack of responsibility and respect for tradition, authority, and education. Have we become a social mass that knows no shame, expects only privilege, and believes the government is their “Mommy?” Indeed, a socialist dependent willing to settle for a government matriarch that doesn’t require their civic education and responsibility? A fantasy life? A fantasy, that we’ll always be free, protected, and a sovereign nation, even though our government is no longer accountable to The People?  

Have Americans become, in the words of Pink Floyd, “…comfortably numb…” and accustomed to a powerful aristocracy of obscene wealth increasingly in control of our government and fiat money supply. Could it be that an unconstitutional hybrid government with police powers is slowly asserting clandestine authority in all sectors of the federal government, social and business communities?  At the same time, placing themselves and their calculated enterprise above our laws, our national sovereignty, and public good? This is a recipe for disaster, calamity, collapse, and intensified domestic and international conflict. Why do our borders, language, culture, and standard of living, appear to be in such mortal danger by anyone who wishes to do us harm? Is it all part of a “shadow government” assault aimed at the decimation of a woefully distracted middle class. As long as we have an enemy or political foe it keeps the public attention off “them” and “they” just keep making money weather or not we win or lose. What we have here is a traitor; an enemy of our own making within. Add that to the Islamic Fascism assault and we have a serious problem that, if we are to save ourselves, only the dwindling middle class can solve.  

The sharks smell our blood. Could it be, just a matter of time before America becomes the prey or chum for some other ruthless economic and military empire? What will the rest of the world do without America and the years of protection and treasure we have expended on their behalf? What will you do? What will your children and their children inherit; a country that is or one that isn’t? We are, “Living on a Thin Line.” 

“…There’s no England now…What are we supposed to do…This is Captain America calling…I’m falling…”


“America Alone: The End Of The World As We Know It” by Mark Steyn

Eurabia: The Euro-Arab Axis” by Bat Ye’or

The Savage Nation: Saving America from the Liberal Assault on Our Borders, Language and Culture by Michael Savage

Glenn Beck: Muslim Violence Destroys France and England

Londonistan & Academia: Home Grown Islamofascists

Double Standards in Londonistan

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Msg. December 17, 2006; “She’s got a ticket to ride?”


I learned that Tasha Douglas, represented by the ACLU, had succeeded in getting the Grand Rapids, Michigan Rapid transit service adminstration to recind its own rule against people attempting to ride in veiled clothing.  I’ll let the letter speak for itself, but I urge anyone interested in preserving our collective security to write or call the transit authorities and inform them of your concern.

Post Msg. Note: Dec. 20, 2006 “Police killer suspect fled Britain in a veil; A man [Mustaf Jama] who was being hunted for the murder of a policewoman is understood to have escaped from Britain by disguising himself as a veiled Muslim woman…At the time of his escape, between Christmas Day last year and New Year’s Day, the 26-year-old Somali national, who had 21 criminal convictions, was the most wanted man in Britain...”

Dec. 24, 2006 “Veils to be lifted at British airports…”

Post Msg. Note: Jan. 10, 2007; “Suicide Girls Will Target Troops; FIFTEEN women suicide bombers have been sent to murder British troops in Afghanistan. Taliban chiefs have ordered them to dress as beggars or teachers and hide devices under burkas, a secret intelligence report has warned.

The Rapid, Administrative Headquarters
Attn: Peter Varga, Executive Director
300 Ellsworth SW
Grand Rapids, MI 49503-4005
Phone: (616) 456-7514
Office Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


Greetings Mr. Peter Varga,

I recently learned that administrators of The Rapid have rescinded their rule against riders covering their face with headress and veils. I can’t tell you how disappointed I am. Being a native US citizen I have to say this is inconsistent with our customs and governance as an open society. That rider’s custom and insistence on wearing such a headress on The Rapid is a seciurty threat. In addition, it is a symbol, travesty, and insult to women’s rights around the world. It is not a matter of racisim or denial of religous rights. I think your employee’s got it dead right, last July, when they denied Tasha Douglas the right to wear it while she was riding the train.

In western european countries they are banning the wearing of such veiling of physical identity when being examined by doctors and in public. It also is a threat to our citizens as Islamic Fascist Homicide Bombers are known to not only be women, but also men impersonating women have also used such head dress and loose clothing to conceal their identies (so they can’t be profiled as terrorists) in addition to bulky bomb belts. I am very interested in knowing,  why Ms. Douglas’s objections caused The Rapid to recind its own rules? Weren’t the rules originally implemented with principled reason and due consideration?

I’m very sorry to see the Rapid administration cow so easily to this type of ACLU harrasment. Are you people just begging for a homicide bomber attack. It’s already been demonstrated by Islamo Fascist that they consider mass transit an excellet target for terrorist attacks. Doesn’t  the welfare and safety of American Citizens riding The Rapid mean more to the tranist authorities than someone who insists on wearing mideval clothing styles that predominate and are popular with our Muslim extremist enemies?

I remind you, WE ARE AT WAR SIR!!! How many more “rockets,” bombs, and deaths must our cities and people suffer before everyone understands and begins to react resolutely to that fact? You people have every right to refuse ridership to people like Tasha Douglas who are so insensitive to the concerns of American Citizens riding The Rapid. I think its all upside down. Instead of everyone running around trying to pascify the “outrage” of Ms. Douglas and her supporters, everyone should be pointing how inconsiderate, disruptive, insulting, and wrong her behavior is! Wake up Rapid! Before a bomb blows you off your chairs!! Its that simple!

What the Rapid authorities fail to recognize, in my opinion, is this woman’s violation of the rules of ridership are just a series of strategic probes and assaults orchestrated by Islamic Jihadists positioned here in the USA. I urge you to look more deeply into the recent news reports of the six Muslim Imams disrupting domestic airline flights out of Minnesota with their, suspicious behavior and dress. They also want the airline industry to cow to their “religon” and give them special privileges and concessions. I would point out that they are also being represented by an ACLU collaborator CAIR (Council of American Islamic Relations). They don’t deserve anything more than any other passanger!!!

If any of you were to study Islamic history, you would know that the veiled woman and people like her and the Imams are part of a worldwide radical Islamic ideology that imposes their customs and self proclaimed superiority (Islamic Republic) on the cultures they invade, militarily, geographically, culturally, economically, religously, with terrorism,  and any other way they can on a daliy basis. Islamic Fascists are using our juciciary, legal sophistries, and our freedoms of religion, speech, and civil rights to camoflage and advance their radical, violent, and extremist agenda against the U.S.A.

Islamo Fascist want to lull us all into a state of domestic sleep of acceptance,  and render us unawares of their real intent! They want to desensitize us to rising Jihadist Muslim Terrorist populations residing in our own communities. They want to make it routine for them to walk among us, as did the 9/11 attackers, so we don’t perceive any threat or sense anything unusual. That is, until they decide to start chopping off our heads!!  Wake up!!! The writing is on the wall! Support AMERICA, AMERICANS, and the AMERICAN WAY. DO NOT GIVE IN TO THE ACLU OR MUSLIM EXTREMISTS TRYING TO INTIMIDATE AMERICANS. ITS OUR CIVIL DUTY TO DO EVERY THING WE CAN TO PREVENT DOMESTIC ATTACKS ON OUR PEOPLE AND MASS TRANSIT ASSETS.

Thank you for your time Sir. In closing, I would sincerly invite you to respond to my plea for you to courageously reinstate the original rule and aggressively stand against ACLU pressure. Don’t let the terror apologists, secular progressives, and liberal press intmidate, embarass, and shame you with their allegations of racisim, and discrimination against religious rights.


I just watched a video news report, while writing you this letter,  of a speech by Newt Gingrich, former speaker of the House of Representatives state, and I am paraphrasing, “…if we are at war, [and we are] those six Imams should have been arrested for impersonating a terrorist, jailed, and tried in a court of law. While, the employees of U.S. Airways should be invited to the White House and recognized for their examplery service…” I hope you will take a lesson from those brave pilots and crew of U.S. Airways. Incidentally, I also wrote U.S. Airways and praised them for their excellent judgment and for making passanger safety their top priority.

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Msg. Nov. 30, 2006:Mahmoud’s mood?


Its clear, after reading the text of the message from “H.E. Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, President of the Islamic Republic of Iran To the American People”, the guy is obviously one hump shy of a camel.  Apparently the insults directed at President Bush and his administration in speeches at the U.N., on American soil, this year, by he and Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez weren’t enough.  Mr.  Ahmadinejad was in the mood this week to insult the inteligence of the American people.

Ole Mahmoud attempted to play the American media and our people for a fool.  His first salutation, includes a prayer and petition to “…Almighty God,…” for the comming of the 12th Imam ; “…the perfect human being….[to] make us his followers…” Of course, what he doesn’t mention, is the global destruction that must occur before the “perfect” one, Muhammad al-Mahdi who will,”… in accordance with God’s command, bring justice and peace to the world by establishing Islam throughout the world…[Wikipedia]” will appear. 

Mr. Ahmadinejad says, in his letter, he wants our respect and that he finds it neccessary to “dialogue” with us. He seems to be asserting his authority as a “leader of the region and the world”; he’s counseling and lecturing us.  Its interesting to note that throughout the history of Islamic war,  their leaders and their Muslim populations were/are constantly seeking and demanding respect from their opposition. They (radical Muslims) don’t care how they get it (respect) as long as the do get it; hour by hour, day by day, never relenting. And when they do, get it, they are not appeased. History demonstrates, any gains or concessions they (radical Muslims) can impose or negotiate in their favor are always perceived as a “green light” and opportunity to demand and get a little more; it never ends (jihad; their struggle). More, “booty,” more humiliaiton of their opponent, more territory, more death, more, more, until the world has been completely subdued by their Islamic ideology.

Mahmoud places a veil over the nuclear weapons threat he and the leadership of Iran have developed in violation of the IAEA and the resolutions passed by that august body and institution he says we should all respect; the U.N..  Perhaps we should derive from Mahmoud’s many public speechs that he will be all to happy to be the catalyst for some future catyclismic event; consider a nuclear holocaust aimed at Israeli Jews. He disputes the first one ever happened (Nazi systematic extermination of the Jews during WWII). His “final solution” first involves the Jews (Saturday). Then, comes the west (Sunday). Its a popular radical Islamic saying (code for premeditated murder and world domination), “First,  comes Saturday. Then, comes Sunday.”  Should I presume Monday will follow, if there are any survivors, and the twelth Imam will appear to get everyone in the same “good mood” as Mahmoud,  and start the worldwide Islamic work-week off right?

His address, to the “Noble Americans,…” is,  in part, a geopolitical rant about his Zionphobia, radical Islamic propaganda, and transparent literary attempts at dividing the American public on domestic and foreign policy. It may also be interpreted as another “official mandatory warning” and “justification” of radical Islam’s intent to attack “the west.”  

I cannot emphasize enough, that “attack” for Islamo Fascist can be on many and diverse levels, not just nuclear ICBM or “suitcase bombs.” Perhaps a small listing will suffice? Witness the daliy attempts at public humiliation and violent vigilante harassment of non-muslims (Chiristian and Jewish), attempts at cyber attacks and denial of service on banking, financial institutions, and government websites.  And, posting videos on YouTube and Google Video, English broadcasts of Al Jazeera, supplying weaponry, soldiers, logistics, and financing to terrorist proxies i.e. Hezbollah, Hammas, Al Qaeda. In America, they are sponsoring agressor political and judicial activists under the cover of our constitutional protections of religion and freedom from censorship. Islamo Fascist are infiltrating and seeking employement as, faculty and researchers in  U.S.colleges. I suspect and have seen evidence they are also securing positions in congressional offices, as candidates, in our inteligence agencies, in the military. Now we have  radical Muslim and Latin American high level leaders circulating insulting and intimidating letters in addition to delievering rude and agressive U.N. speeches directed at the U.S.A. administration. 

The open letter to us was, at best,  unsophisticated and juvenile. What is his doctorate? Dr. of what? Does he really believe the American public is that dumb? I would venture to say, our ignorant misguided self absorbed pop culture and irresponsible politicians may give that appearence,  but he is very mistaken if he believes we are. Frankly, I’m not in the mood for Mahmoud and his plan of Imperial-Islamization of the west.

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