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Msg. Oct. 30, 2013 Golden (Police) State!

Welcome to the Golden (Police) State!

by Dead Messenger Oct. 30, 2013

Was Andy Lopez murdered by gun control advocacy?

True, it was apparently an over-zealous-swat-team-member of the Sonoma county Sheriffs Department, That pulled the 9 mil. death dealing trigger, eight times! But that just proves my point; gun control Nazis won’t admit, guns don’t kill people, people and their politics kill people. How young will the next toy-gun-toting child be?

Advocates for gun control, in collusion with vote pandering legislators, never let a media spectacle and tragedy, involving firearms go to waste. The more the media sensationalizes such a rare and isolated occurrence, somewhere in the world, the more they cry for legislation to prevent millions upon millions of safe, responsible and legal gun owners from possessing firearms.

Rock stars, teachers, students, congresswoman, federal judges, soldiers, presidents, their staff, people from every walk of life have been maimed or murdered by individuals with radicalized ideology or unstable antisocial mental disorders. its true, in recent events, semi-automatic rifles, that look scary, were used by them to commit mass carnage.

However, individuals intent on committing homicide could have used a Timothy McVeigh van=bomb, 911 domestic aircraft missiles, anthrax letters, sarin gas, Boston-Marathon-backpack-bombs, SUVs, fires or a cave man’s club. Point being, if some nut wants to “off” some people for whatever crazy reason, they don’t need a gun; they will find other alternatives; no matter how many laws are passed. Laws don’t stop homicidal maniacs from getting guns, if they so choose.

Gun control advocacy isn’t based on today’s facts and efficacy. “Controllers” would rather spend taxpayer time and money going after rights and arms than identify, treat and apprehend real criminals and prospective homicidal agents of death. it’s easier to pursue politics that threatens the safety, defense and rights of law abiding citizens. Why? Just so they can proclaim they’re protecting their kids and feel better about an issue to which they have no real solutions.

Imagine a nineteenth century sheriff and the townspeople of a wild west city; maybe right here in California. rifles and handguns were a normal and necessary way of daily life. Men, women, even young thirteen year old boys (often younger) were proficient, safe gun owners.

Townsmen openly carry their holstered handguns and rifles (real ones) and no one (even the sheriff) thought of them as an immediate threat, criminal or politically incorrect. In those days it was peaceable and permitted to speak your opinions. If necessary everyone had a right to protect one’s self, family and property from thieves and attackers.

Back then, everyone understood, they had a right and responsibility when exercising their constitutional rights to keep and bear arms. As a result, people graduated to more tolerant, respectful and civilized behavior toward one another, including the man with the badge. Each citizen knew the mortal cost for being too hasty in their intolerance or malintent toward others, with fire power equal to their own.

As history demonstrated, townsfolk became habituated to civil, helpful and kind conduct toward one another. They often voluntarily “hung their guns up” as gentlemen do, while in town or the saloon. It helped the sheriff keep the peace; being civil. But there was never any question, from the sheriff,; they could put them on just as well as hang them up.

In so many stories about the old west, a law man was respected by the community. Usually, because he was wise and judicious in his interaction with the folk, such a man was someone young boys and grown men could look up to. They lived in, served and protected the community. Granted, it was a simpler way of life, then. But, no matter how complex our society has become, “the sheriff” has an obligation to serve and protect the community. And, our rights have not changed (nor should they) because, someone doesn’t agree with the law of the land; the US Constitution.

The fact is gun violence and crime statistics are trending down; not up. This is especially true in states where open carry and concealed carry handguns have been licensed and legal. Also, firearm injuries either violent, self-inflicted or accidental, occur more often with hand guns than with rifles, so, just because a particular rifle looks “scary” doesn’t make it the problem.

Ultimately gun control advocates would like to repeal your second amendment rights described in the US Constitution. They’d rather sacrifice every citizen’s right and duty to protect this country from an out of control tyrannical government or despot, by making it a crime, and us criminals, for owning a firearm.

The real message from the murder of young Andy, innocently carrying a toy gun replica, alone, not threatening anyone in any way, is, if you even think of owning a gun, play with a toy gun, own guns, you are on the wrong side of society, popular politically correct politics and the law!

In fact, Gov. Jerry Brown of California, within the last couple of weeks, signed approximately seven out of eleven new gun control bills into law. California is the leading gun control state have to ask, has the gun control lobby and politics resorted to thought control? “The controllers” have a “I-want-to-feel-good-and-do-something-about-gun-violence-right-now” lynch-mob mentality. Their often fact-less, parroting, nanny brigades have inspired and conditioned the liked of the Sonoma county Sheriff Deputy, to roll-up, draw down and begin rapidly firing his side arm ammunition into poor Andy.

Andy, like young boys in the old west, was probably interested and fascinated with firearms. Perhaps Andy would be alive today, had the deputy not been politically conditioned to believe, against our right to have and carry a rifle, real or replica, without penalty of death.

If the twenty-first century sheriff hadn’t been so cowardly quick to draw on innocent Andy the encounter between a man and a boy, could have been just like the good old days; inspiring respect for law and community. Shooting first and asking questions later is only “good” police policy for a police state. Is that what “the controllers” want?

No doubt, the trigger happy deputy will most likely be scapegoated, and perhaps tried for his crime. “The department” will sympathize and placate the family and community, but we should call it what it is, out of control gun control.

When six and  ten year old boys are being punished by their teachers and policies prohibiting them from pointing their fingers in a “hand-gun parody” and mouthing “BANG!” at another classmate, you know the “nanny state politics has taken control. They won’t be satisfied until people with even the thought of owning or possessing arms of any kind, become a target of the law.

Dead Messenger


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