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Msg. Aug. 26, 2007; CHINA, Inc.

“CHINA, Inc.-The Dragon’s Fire” by Dead Messenger

A nation that has been transformed from sleeping to breathing fire in every direction. China is a country that is in the midst of its industiral revolution. It attracts captial and trade from around the world. The Assoicated Press reported last year that, America’s trade deficit is approaching one trillion dollars a year. How did this happen? Perhaps Peter Navarro can answer that as well as anyone.

It appears that Maoist China has attained their ferocious level of industrialisim, financial prowess, and growing military might with ruthless totalitarian capitalisim and not free trade policies. Their people certainly are not free; just ask Google who many now say “sold their soul to the devil himself.” China doesn’t play fair on the field of international and local commerce. How about the guy making pork dumplings with 60% card board…mmmmmm…tasty…and cheaper by the dozen too!

China’s CCTV had snuck a hidden camera into a place in Beijing where the meat buns were being produced, and discovered that 60% of the meat in their buns was actually cardboard! When mixed at such a ratio, it is very difficult for customers to realize that they are eating paper instead of meat. The folks caught making cardboard buns were shut down by the police, but this scandal could make Chinese consumers a bit worried about trusting meat buns. Other Chinese producers of meat buns, when asked to comment about this case, understandibly answered that they were very angry that someone would do such a disgraceful thing.

China figured out how to widen our trade deficit with them by pegging their Yuan to our Dollar, restricting access to their markets, governement subsidy of key industries, polluting the world, opressing and exploiting their laborer market, removing protections for intellectual property rights, sweet heart deals with foreign corporations, government sponsored systematic corporate and military espionage, you name it!

Now, they’re using their ill gotten gains to practice shooting down extraterrestrial satelites and shadowing Amrica’s pacific fleet with their new submarines (read my post Msg. Nov. 13, 2006; China Our Friend or Foe?). New toys!

Chinese foreign policy doesn’t really seem to be too concerned about North Korea’s Nuclear Mad Man either. I think they like to see America sweat while the finance our debt, wet our appetite for their cheap and often defective products. China threatens and exploits American economic destabilization in addition to military expansion and adventureism. All, while America continues to delude itself into thinking all is well. What’s the latest on Paris; not France, Hilton?

Dr. Navarro accurately characterized Americans, and I’m paraphrasing, near sighted and impatient in our trade policies. It seems America has become unwilling to do anything to protect our standard of living. What’s next?Get ready!

The Coming China Wars By Peter Navarro


Read more about Professor Navarro’s study of China, Inc. on his website:


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