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Msg. April 11, 2007; “All Volunteer Army”

Volunteers Or Mercenaries?

By Joshua Rosenstock | April 11, 2007

“The struggle to entice Army soldiers and Marines to stay in the military, after four years of war in Iraq, has ballooned into a $1 billion campaign, with bonuses soaring nearly sixfold since 2003.” 

My Response to the above Blogger:

JR, why can’t we get the history “straight?” I know the left and right are screaming their sound bytes so loudly it’s hard to hear “The war” against Jihadists was on @ 911. Up until that time we just brushed it off as isolated crime.

So, what did we do, we recognized the enemy was not conventional and was sponsored and supported by the likes of Iran, Libya, Somalia, Pakistan, Iraq, on and on. The President said, “You’re either with us or you are against us.” He made it clear, then, that the “war against terror,” and I don’t like that term, it’s a tactic not the enemy, would take decades to resolve. He said, it would be seen and unseen, conventional and unconventional tactical warfare. He expressed the need for a UNITED world community. He asked for world support and got a cold shoulder. I submit, that if the world community had stepped up to ITS RESPONSIBILITY, we wouldn’t be in this mess in the first place! Let’s put the BLAME where it belongs! How soon we forget. Bush spoke the truth. That was not a lie!

This 100 year war is not going away. Iraq is just one phase of that war unless of course we are prepared to surrender now. We can agree that Iraq has not gone the way we planned. I concede it was mismanaged. We made a mistake in our plan of attack. However, I disagree with those that say it was a premeditated mistake to decide to go there.

Firstly, attacking Iraq was a militarily strategic decision and it was meant to serve multitude of purposes. Warfare is a level of complexity most people don’t understand. I admit it. Especially when one is in the midst of battle.

One of the reasons,was to end the tyranny and WMD concealed threats by Sadam and his Republican
Guard. He was one of the stupidest military tacticians of all time. He bluffed until he was called, to the detriment of his entire nation. All he had to do, was comply with our demand for inspections. This is not all on Georgy’s head.

Another reason, to put some teeth into the dozens of toothless Useless Nations sanctions. All, while Sadam fired on our enforcement of the no fly zones to protect the Kurds and the Shiites (who have since turned on us after we liberated them from the death grip of the Suni tyrants). All, while the Security Council members were voting one way and double dealing the other.

Another reason, the military strategy to turn Iraq around and enlist her as an ally against Jihadists was theoretically a good one at the time, sociologically and geographically. If we had been more successful, do you doubt that all the politicians from both sides of the isle wouldn’t be crowing about the fact they did vote for the second invasion of Iraq. Now, everyone is running away from it.

In hind sight, it should be obvious, that our strategy was to put our decades old foe, Iran, in a cross fire; between two fronts, Iraq and Afghanistan. What we didn’t count on was our allies stabbing us in the back and our political parties here at home using the war effort as a club; to beat each other over the head, and prosecute our soldiers, for nominal “gains.”

Our congress has made a despicable showing of American resolve, even when we have every right to vanquish our enemies. They, our enemies, are using Iraq and the entire middle east to drain American resources and our resolve. They want to defeat and demoralize our population and civilization. While our opportunistic friends, China, Russia, and Western Europe exploit the situation rather than help us defeat a global threat. As I’ve said before, you’ll see the most terror in the eyes of those watching America, go into survival mode, and pull out of the geopolitics of the middle east. That will be holy terror for all who live in that region. Especially, those who are not Muslims.

Those MEN aren’t mercenaries, Sir. They are fighting your battles and doing your killing. Freedom is not free. As the freedom loving Spartans pledged, “Come home with your shield or on it.” The Secretary of Defense announed today that combat deployment will now be a fifteen month rotation. Otherwise, dwell time would have to be less that one year. Raising their very low pay, has nothing to do with volunteer vs. mercenary. Its just common decency, equity and respect. If we don’t take a stand now and there, when and where will we? Don’t you dare look down your nose at them; our men and women in uniform.

Maybe you prefer blood on your doorstep? What will you say then? What will you do? Are you married with children? Do you want to win the war against the radical Muslim Jihadists? Have you not heard what they say they want, and try to do, to do to our civilization? Shall we continue to bash Bush, appoint the 500 members of congress as Generals, and act like we know how to conduct military operations? Congress didn’t look so confident and smug on 9/11. Do we need another one to wake this country and this congress up? I guarantee you, when there is another attack, they’ll be the first one’s yelling, “…why didn’t you do anything to save us?! Get out there and fight, here’s a blank check!”

I suggest the fundamental error is that we have let the rest of the world off the hook because we are a “super power.” They’re happy to let us take their lumps for them. The whole idea of the U.N. was to prevent world wars by isolating and standing united against roughish nations with ambitions to become nuclear threats and a menace to the world community. Some neighborhood! The only thing we’ve gotten is a rogue’s gallery of corrupt diplomats who wallow in debauchery while their blue hats sit around and do nothing, except maybe rape the local women.

I think we need to step up the heat on the world community to either put up or shut up. And if they choose the latter, then, that is the last straw as far I’m concerned. And, the only mercy left should be that which God himself can give.

George is right about one other thing, for a change, the next president will still be fighting “The War” on Jihadist. Remember that when you go to the poles.


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