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Msg. Mar. 20, 2007; “300”? or 300 Million?


Leonidas (King Of Sparta) roars his defiance at the Persian invaders in “300.”


Battle of Thermopylae was a true historical battle during the 5th century,  of Greek warriors pitted against an overwhelming Persian expeditionary force of 250,000 soldiers commanded by Xerxes. The box office hit “300” is a graphic recreation of that long ago event. Not only did the Greeks save Europe from the Middle Eastern conquerers, but their victory spawned a flourishing era of  culture, philosophy, and government.  Greek civilization later inspired our founding fathers to study their success. The rest is history!  They gave birth to the U.S.A. and the American love of freedom and respect for the rule of law.

A small group of men that lived by a collective code; they would rather,  die as free men on their feet,  than live a life on their knees; “return with their shield or on it…no surrender, no retreat.”  They weren’t afraid of their enemies and they were’nt afraid to let them know it.

Its about time our domestic media started publishing antijihadist propaganda and mocking our foes. Our pop culture and media screed has lured our collective consciousness into a virtual coma. Most of us just can’t believe we are at war and “they” are amassing an army, using Trojan Horse warfare, Political Islam, betrayal and bribery, to subjigate us. All 300 Million of us. So which is it gonna be a mere “300” or 300 Million?

Thank you to the creators of anticalyphate and antijihadist movies and T.V. drama. Something many Americans watch frequently. Maybe they’ll hear the message. Thank you “300” and thank you “24.” 

“300” Trailer


The Battle Of Thermopylae 1


The Battle Of Thermopylae 2


The Battle Of Thermopylae 3



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