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Msg. Feb. 28, 2007; “A Defendant Nation!”

In response to blog: “An Independent Nation” Monday, February 26, 2007 by Alex Hammer

I pray that you are right about “…America is a great and strong country…” Mr. Hammer. Many others smell something quite different in the air. Perhaps we remain strong today, but what about tomorrow? Is America guaranteed a future merely because we have drawn lines on a map and brave men fought for her establishment.

Unfortunately, “THE” two party system has a “death grip” and “strangle hold” on this nation’s representative government and political process; they are not going to give that up easily, if at all. As a former independent candidate for governor, I’m certain, you could articualte the impedements to getting your name on the ballot?

So much of the public’s attention is being focused now on the presidential campaign. All the while, the congress and the executive branch is selling them out. As has been said before, “America has the best government money can buy.”

Winning the Future: A 21st Century Contract with America by Newt Gingrich

I agree that we inherited a great country from previous generations. However, as Newt Gengrich (former speaker of the House) has said, and I paraphrase, “…future generations will have to win it… [win American prosperity and security].” We need more people like yourself to step forward take action and speak up for America. People who bilieve, as you said about America, “… it is (or should be) very easy to be grateful for the specialness of this country and what we really have…”

The strength of the American econonomy and security is under assault and is being weakened every day. I could give you many examples why I am not as optomistic as you are about the protection and integrity of our borders, language, culture, and standard of living.

Please, allow me, to focus on one of many insidious assaults on American National Soverignty. It was reported by Human Events : August 20 , 2006 — by Alan Caruba, ” The name of this effort is called the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP) and, guess what, it has not been submitted to the Senate for its oversight or concurrence because, by some magic of governmental definition, it is not a treaty. Instead, its administration is buried in the bowels of the Commerce Department…Like termites eating away at the sovereignty of the United States of America, this grandiose scheme, hatched in some darkened cavern of the Council on Foreign Affairs, is a major threat to American security and prosperity…” It is otherwise known as the “North American Union.”

The SPP initiative, I and many others submit, is what is contributing to our country’s “immigration schizaphrenia.” The same assault on soverignty that not only wants our borders wide open, our laws disregarded, but also a four football field wide freeway through the middle of our heartland from South America to Canada.

As you may know, America has an unchallanged, and welcomed by many, invasion of millions upon millions of multinational illegal aliens and drug smuggling crossing our soverign borders. In addition, I call your attention to the recent US Transportation Department’s announcement a few days ago that 100 Mexican trucking companies will be allowed onto American highways, as part of a year long pilot program. Those drivers and their trucks aren’t regulated for safety in Mexico and we don’t have the enforcement neccessary to regulate the safety of our own domestic trucking industry. The Dubai Ports debacle was nothing compared to this!

I could go on and on about the challanges and dire consequences facing America if our congress does not get their houses in order. Petty partisanship, political bikering, betrayal of the public trust, and do nothing incumbency with arcane committee rules, is killing this country.

Presently, it doesn’t appear to matter much who gets elected, democrat or republican; the results are the same.I consider myself an idependent. But until and unless, independents find a way to break open the intentional domination of the political process by “The” other two parties, I fear we won’t see the work and service of the American people getting done. And, our national soverignty will continue to erode.

Global corporations, with American charters, protection, and Commerce Department trade advocacy, have relocated their factories to Mexico to exploit their impoverished people’s labor, as well as the tax and environmental laws. Now they want to use thier business advantage to exploit America, the American worker, and our domestic seaports and  trucking industry.

If we hold this country dear, we need to be less distracted, as you said by the, “…difficulties found in many other places…” and focus more on our problems right here in America.

Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America; Wikipedia

Another prominent “independent” Ross Perot was right when he said, “If you pass the NAFTA you will hear a large sucking sound of jobs flowing out of this country.”

I believe Ross had the right ideas, vision, and management models for reforming our govenment and how to get things done. I believe he came so close to acutally having a shot at winning the presidency he scared himself and backed out. If we really are serious about taking back our government with an independent party we should go back and study Mr. Perot’s campaign.

 Are our leaders  going to stand by and watch or help China  develop  multiple Mexican deepwater “superports”  with advanced cargo transfer technology such as the one in Punta Colonet, Mexico (150 miles south of Los Angeles, CA)?  Then, via the SPP agreement, allow free access to American land transport systems from Mexican  seaports? Thereby, decimating the American domestic manufacturing base and seaports. All, so China can become the “industry floor” of American global coproations and politicians i.e. Presidents George W. & H. Bush,  and Bill Clinton. 

China’s is progressively dominating  south American and other  major internaitonal trade and shipping lanes. Likewise, they are   increasingly gaining market share of American manufacturing demand. As China grows in power the US has become weaker strategically and economically.  What will happen to American “indpendence” should our governments find themselves at odds on trade and competition for natural resources? To whom will America turn should we find ourselves in mortal danger and in need to manufacturer military weaponry and naval vessels? China? Has America unwittingly sold itself out to become enslaved and a stepping stone, to world domination,  by Asia and the Middle East?

It’s clear to me that the world stage has become progressively more competitive. Nation states are beginning to find the globe a crowded home which requires their dependence upon all family members to maintain peace and equity. I pray the worlds nations will fairly and effectively transition from the age of global competition to cooperation.  A world that recognizes we are a community of “Interdependent Nations.” Nations that should all desire and work fairly and  sincerly together to avoid future epochs of  retogressive civilization, human catastrophe, holocaust,  and obsolete warfare.



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