What’s the message?

Msg. Feb 12, 2007; “Wake Up America!”

I just caluclated the money the U.S. has spent on the war in Afghanistan and Iraq could have funded over five and one half million four year college degrees. American security certainly is not free.

Iraq? Iran? Middle East Peace? Oil? Radical Islam? North Korea? What do we do now? That, is the question! Personally, instead of asking the American people to foot the bill, I think we should fire Condoleeza Rice, and find someone to start conducting an aggressive, effective, and massive diplomatic effort directed at the region and the world at large. An effort demonstrating why they are just as vulnerable to Islamic Fascism, and are ultimately co-responsible for securing Iraqi unity and peace; they should be helping the U.S. stabilize Iraq and protect the citizenry.

The world community should all be committing their troops and treasure as well; in order to muster an overwhelming force; The Powell Doctrine. Much like they do when cooperating on relief efforts to help other countries subsequent to natural disasters.

 Having deployed the unilateral Bush doctrine we have allowed the world community to become so utterly dysfuntional; to stand around and play like they’re  spectators while their house is burning down. This is the mistake that needs to be corrected.

It won’t just be the U.S. who suffers if the Iranians succeed in destablizing the entire middle east.

Its easier to criticize and pass non-binding resolutions than cooperate and build a reasoned concensus that demonstrates a unified front against the enemy. “I told you so,” isn’t constructive. Using the war effort to discredit the present administration for political gain and pleasure is at the very least, despicable.

WE ARE AT WAR! WAKE UP WORLD! WE ARE ALL AT WAR with a deadly enemy and  jihadist ideology that would like nothing better than to use the heart of the middle east for their terror platform. Estimates of global radical Islamist are approaching three-hundred million. Its time for the U.N. to step up and work for what it was empowered to do; promote peace, unity, and mutually assured survival against rogue nations and idealogues. It was not chartered to orchestrate the destruction and disassembly of the U.S.A.

WAKE UP AMERICA! WAKE UP AND SEE THE FACE OF YOUR ENEMY! They are here, now! We should not encourage them and give them hope, just because they hate George Bush. They hate us all.


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