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Msg. Feb. 28, 2007; “A Defendant Nation!”

In response to blog: “An Independent Nation” Monday, February 26, 2007 by Alex Hammer

I pray that you are right about “…America is a great and strong country…” Mr. Hammer. Many others smell something quite different in the air. Perhaps we remain strong today, but what about tomorrow? Is America guaranteed a future merely because we have drawn lines on a map and brave men fought for her establishment.

Unfortunately, “THE” two party system has a “death grip” and “strangle hold” on this nation’s representative government and political process; they are not going to give that up easily, if at all. As a former independent candidate for governor, I’m certain, you could articualte the impedements to getting your name on the ballot?

So much of the public’s attention is being focused now on the presidential campaign. All the while, the congress and the executive branch is selling them out. As has been said before, “America has the best government money can buy.”

Winning the Future: A 21st Century Contract with America by Newt Gingrich

I agree that we inherited a great country from previous generations. However, as Newt Gengrich (former speaker of the House) has said, and I paraphrase, “…future generations will have to win it… [win American prosperity and security].” We need more people like yourself to step forward take action and speak up for America. People who bilieve, as you said about America, “… it is (or should be) very easy to be grateful for the specialness of this country and what we really have…”

The strength of the American econonomy and security is under assault and is being weakened every day. I could give you many examples why I am not as optomistic as you are about the protection and integrity of our borders, language, culture, and standard of living.

Please, allow me, to focus on one of many insidious assaults on American National Soverignty. It was reported by Human Events : August 20 , 2006 — by Alan Caruba, ” The name of this effort is called the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP) and, guess what, it has not been submitted to the Senate for its oversight or concurrence because, by some magic of governmental definition, it is not a treaty. Instead, its administration is buried in the bowels of the Commerce Department…Like termites eating away at the sovereignty of the United States of America, this grandiose scheme, hatched in some darkened cavern of the Council on Foreign Affairs, is a major threat to American security and prosperity…” It is otherwise known as the “North American Union.”

The SPP initiative, I and many others submit, is what is contributing to our country’s “immigration schizaphrenia.” The same assault on soverignty that not only wants our borders wide open, our laws disregarded, but also a four football field wide freeway through the middle of our heartland from South America to Canada.

As you may know, America has an unchallanged, and welcomed by many, invasion of millions upon millions of multinational illegal aliens and drug smuggling crossing our soverign borders. In addition, I call your attention to the recent US Transportation Department’s announcement a few days ago that 100 Mexican trucking companies will be allowed onto American highways, as part of a year long pilot program. Those drivers and their trucks aren’t regulated for safety in Mexico and we don’t have the enforcement neccessary to regulate the safety of our own domestic trucking industry. The Dubai Ports debacle was nothing compared to this!

I could go on and on about the challanges and dire consequences facing America if our congress does not get their houses in order. Petty partisanship, political bikering, betrayal of the public trust, and do nothing incumbency with arcane committee rules, is killing this country.

Presently, it doesn’t appear to matter much who gets elected, democrat or republican; the results are the same.I consider myself an idependent. But until and unless, independents find a way to break open the intentional domination of the political process by “The” other two parties, I fear we won’t see the work and service of the American people getting done. And, our national soverignty will continue to erode.

Global corporations, with American charters, protection, and Commerce Department trade advocacy, have relocated their factories to Mexico to exploit their impoverished people’s labor, as well as the tax and environmental laws. Now they want to use thier business advantage to exploit America, the American worker, and our domestic seaports and  trucking industry.

If we hold this country dear, we need to be less distracted, as you said by the, “…difficulties found in many other places…” and focus more on our problems right here in America.

Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America; Wikipedia

Another prominent “independent” Ross Perot was right when he said, “If you pass the NAFTA you will hear a large sucking sound of jobs flowing out of this country.”

I believe Ross had the right ideas, vision, and management models for reforming our govenment and how to get things done. I believe he came so close to acutally having a shot at winning the presidency he scared himself and backed out. If we really are serious about taking back our government with an independent party we should go back and study Mr. Perot’s campaign.

 Are our leaders  going to stand by and watch or help China  develop  multiple Mexican deepwater “superports”  with advanced cargo transfer technology such as the one in Punta Colonet, Mexico (150 miles south of Los Angeles, CA)?  Then, via the SPP agreement, allow free access to American land transport systems from Mexican  seaports? Thereby, decimating the American domestic manufacturing base and seaports. All, so China can become the “industry floor” of American global coproations and politicians i.e. Presidents George W. & H. Bush,  and Bill Clinton. 

China’s is progressively dominating  south American and other  major internaitonal trade and shipping lanes. Likewise, they are   increasingly gaining market share of American manufacturing demand. As China grows in power the US has become weaker strategically and economically.  What will happen to American “indpendence” should our governments find themselves at odds on trade and competition for natural resources? To whom will America turn should we find ourselves in mortal danger and in need to manufacturer military weaponry and naval vessels? China? Has America unwittingly sold itself out to become enslaved and a stepping stone, to world domination,  by Asia and the Middle East?

It’s clear to me that the world stage has become progressively more competitive. Nation states are beginning to find the globe a crowded home which requires their dependence upon all family members to maintain peace and equity. I pray the worlds nations will fairly and effectively transition from the age of global competition to cooperation.  A world that recognizes we are a community of “Interdependent Nations.” Nations that should all desire and work fairly and  sincerly together to avoid future epochs of  retogressive civilization, human catastrophe, holocaust,  and obsolete warfare.



The 34th Annual CPAC

You are invited to watch Newt Gingrich’s closing address at the Conservative Political Action Conference from 3/3/2007 on demand.


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Msg. Feb 12, 2007; “Wake Up America!”

I just caluclated the money the U.S. has spent on the war in Afghanistan and Iraq could have funded over five and one half million four year college degrees. American security certainly is not free.

Iraq? Iran? Middle East Peace? Oil? Radical Islam? North Korea? What do we do now? That, is the question! Personally, instead of asking the American people to foot the bill, I think we should fire Condoleeza Rice, and find someone to start conducting an aggressive, effective, and massive diplomatic effort directed at the region and the world at large. An effort demonstrating why they are just as vulnerable to Islamic Fascism, and are ultimately co-responsible for securing Iraqi unity and peace; they should be helping the U.S. stabilize Iraq and protect the citizenry.

The world community should all be committing their troops and treasure as well; in order to muster an overwhelming force; The Powell Doctrine. Much like they do when cooperating on relief efforts to help other countries subsequent to natural disasters.

 Having deployed the unilateral Bush doctrine we have allowed the world community to become so utterly dysfuntional; to stand around and play like they’re  spectators while their house is burning down. This is the mistake that needs to be corrected.

It won’t just be the U.S. who suffers if the Iranians succeed in destablizing the entire middle east.

Its easier to criticize and pass non-binding resolutions than cooperate and build a reasoned concensus that demonstrates a unified front against the enemy. “I told you so,” isn’t constructive. Using the war effort to discredit the present administration for political gain and pleasure is at the very least, despicable.

WE ARE AT WAR! WAKE UP WORLD! WE ARE ALL AT WAR with a deadly enemy and  jihadist ideology that would like nothing better than to use the heart of the middle east for their terror platform. Estimates of global radical Islamist are approaching three-hundred million. Its time for the U.N. to step up and work for what it was empowered to do; promote peace, unity, and mutually assured survival against rogue nations and idealogues. It was not chartered to orchestrate the destruction and disassembly of the U.S.A.

WAKE UP AMERICA! WAKE UP AND SEE THE FACE OF YOUR ENEMY! They are here, now! We should not encourage them and give them hope, just because they hate George Bush. They hate us all.

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Msg. Feb. 7, 2007; “Terrorist’s Words”

“Radical Islam; Terror In Its Own Words” by Dead Messenger


Fox News reporter E.D. Hill presented a Fox News Special expose last weekend titled, “Radical Islam; Terror In Its Own Words,” in colaboration with Brigitte Gabriel, journalist, author, “Because They Hate” and President of the American Congress for Truth. Yesterday, I received an email from Ms. Gabriel in which she states, she belives  the American publc needs a weekly show she has proposed called, “Middle East Media Watch.”

Brigitte stated;

“I will be interviewed on Hannity and Colmes tonight discussing the hate teachings of Islam against the infidels, Jews and Christians, to children and adults here and around the world. Tune in and tell your friends.

They will be showing clips of the Fox Special “Radical Islam, in their own words” which I had worked on with E.D. Hill. The special will be airing again this coming weekend for those of you who missed it.

Make sure you email Fox News and thank them for having the courage to show such videos and air such a documentary. Here is the email address: Ask them to create more programming on this issue.

I had presented Fox News with a TV show titled: “Middle East Media Watch” which I have been working on for two years. Fox thought that there might not be enough interest in the American public to watch such a program on a weekly basis. So they decided to do documentaries instead to test the pulse of interest. I believe there is so much material to wake up the American public and to debate the issues.

I believe someone like me who comes from a Middle Eastern background can debate the issues with the Islamic imams or any of their spokespersons, cutting through the political correctness because I come from the Middle East and no one can accuse me of being racist. I know so much detail about the Arabic culture that I will stop them in their tracks when they try to pull any games designed to derail any westerner. I can open up their Koran and quote it in Arabic, my first tongue, and they cannot run circles around me with the translation issue. I beleive we need to expose the Muslim double talk by the insincere talking heads making excuses for anything and everything.

You need to let Fox know that there is a great interest in seeing a weekly show like that. If you agree, here is what you can email them:


Thank you for having the courage to air the special about Radical Islam this last weekend. You have been a shining light in the media bringing the important issues to light in a way that no other news network has done.

We encourage you to air more programming like this. We even welcome a weekly program designed to monitor the Arabic media and debate those clips with the so called moderate Muslims in America. You can probably use someone like Brigitte Gabriel who was interviewed on your special and speaks the Arabic language as her first tongue to debate them. I strongly encourage you to give the American public more of those types of programs. We as Americans need to see the face of the enemy we are dealing with and how they are preparing the next generation to kill us, so we may prepare our next generation to defend the freedoms and values our founding father died to establish in our great country. 

May God bless you for your courage and bless our great country.

(your name)

The above is a sample letter. Please change it as much as you want and personalize it. “

Because They Hate: A Survivor of Islamic Terror Warns America” by Brigitte Gabriel


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Msg. Feb. 7, 2007; “Mr. Speaker!”



It appears the only guy who hasn’t announced his candidacy for Presdident of the US is former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich. By far, in my opinion, Mr. Gingrich is the most qualified man for the job. His command of the English language, knowledge of history, practiacal experience with the workings of governement, vision and concern for a better America demonstrate he would be a superior choice of any declared Presidential candidate today. Newt is, QUALIFIED!!

Speaker Gingrich is indeed a national treasure and asset. If he should decide to apply to the American People for the office of President, he comes with a platform that has already been well developed in the interveneing years since he last served his country in public office. He has been very active in the public and academic forums; as a college professor, author, TV news political analyst, congressional advisor, and public speaker.

Newt’s perspective of the future challanges and dangers facing America is instructive and comprehensive. In his own words, in a recent speech (Nov. 2006; Post Election Speech to GOPAC, see video above.), Newt stated,  “…We are the most successful, the wealthiest, and the most powerful nation in history because for generations, our parents and grandparents have worked and fought to develop the county we inherited.  And the reason I entitle my book “Winning the Future” is I want to send a single message, which is we can win the future; we will not inherit it.  We’re going to compete with China and India economically.  We’re going to have to absorb an enormous explosion of scientific knowledge.  We have to meet the challenge of the Baby Boomers living longer than any generation in history.  We have to understand the challenge of a government which is increasingly obsolete and increasingly ineffective.  And we have to understand the genuine threats to our survival internationally from terrorist groups and we have to beat back the secular academic legal challenge to the very core of American values. 

Now all of those things have to be done simultaneously.  We’re not given the privilege of ordering our history to appear seriatim because we’d like to deal with one at a time.  We have to deal with all of them.  I believe we will be, in the next 20 years, more challenged than any generation since Abraham Lincoln in 1861.  Now if you have to go look back to the scale of the Civil War and the degree to which required fundamental change in order for the union to survive to have any sense of what’s coming at the U.S. in the next 20 years.  And I don’t think we’re ready for it.  We don’t have a political structure that can describe it, a new media that can cover it, a leadership that can offer the solutions, or a government that can implement it.  And this will be a very, very significant period of change.  And I think the challenge to the Republicans is to be the party that has the courage to confront that reality and to deal with that reality.  …”

The Speakers’  21st Century Contract With America outlines the challanges and issues that face America and the goals to address them.  He warns us that we “…will not inherit America…[we’ll have to win it]…” I for one appreciate his warning that citizens and our government leaders urgently need to focus more on important issues and meaningful changes and less on partisan political tactics to gain power.

If you’re interested in learning more about the perspectives of a truly great leader you may visit Newt’s website

Speaker Gingrich’s  most recent books:

Winning the Future: A 21st Century Contract with America by Newt Gingrich

Rediscovering God in America: Reflections on the Role of Faith in Our Nation’s History and Future by Newt Gingrich

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Msg. Feb. 3, 2007; “Mess of Millennia”


 Web of Deceit 1990: Sure Saddam, take Kuwait; Barry Lando

US Complicity with Saddam’s ’91 slaughter. PART 1/2

US complicit as Saddam annihilates 91 uprising PART 2/2

Barry Lando Interview with the Colbert Report: 

I was watching a pre-recorded author’s book review on CSPAN today; Web of Deceit: The History of Western Complicity in Iraq, from Churchill to Kennedy to George W. Bush by Barry M. Lando. Mr. Lando is unabashedly a self admitted dissenter of the current American military involvement in Iraq. I value his perspective on the history of American and western Europe’s,  involvement in Iraqi national politics. His  report may give us an important understanding about how “we” got into this perpetual middle eastern millennial mess. 

The author’s review and question/answer period excited my memory of the days just before operation Iraqi Freedom. I remember a phone conversation with my Dad, ‘I’m not worried about winning a military battle with Saadam,… he has defied the U.N. and weapons inspection protocols, …he is a ruthless tyrant, …but what are we going to do after he is defeated…that’s what worries me…’ And so, my worst fears have come true. It’s on the lips of all the hand wringing and debating American congressmen, several whom want to conduct American foreign policy independent of the executive branch, “…[a very grim situation]…”

Historically, the Iraqi morass we find ourselves in isn’t totally the making of George Bush II. As Mr. Lando said, “… there’s plenty of blame to go around.”  What’s disturbing to me is, we appear to be  repeating the failed attempt by the British, French, Italians, and Russians,  in the  previous Millenia during the early 20th century; the Sykes-Picot Agreement. They exploited wealth and bilaterally strategized how they would dominate and control regions and governments in the middle east after the fall of the Ottoman empire.

Such  partitions include most notably the formation of Palestine, Israel,  and Iraq as well as Jordan, Turkey, Syria, and Lebanon and several others.  In view of recent and successive historical events, not much seems to have changed middle eastern anger and hatred toward western europe and subsequently America.

What enrages me is, I believe the U.S. has allowed the progenitors of the Iraqi/middle east mess, at great expense to us,  to “get off the hook;” an escape by western European nations and other members of the United Nations shirking their international responsibility. It is my opinion, prior to invading Iraq, we should have “held their feet to the fire” and insisted “they” (the United ones),  review their involvement and responsibility for middle east peace. U.S. foreign policy should have made it clear, that “they” must back up their numerous and repeated U.N. resolutions agains Iraq, with their troops and treasure also.

Concomitantly, U.S.  mistakes in the middle east, have unilaterally provided the strategic self distraction and economic drag our current, potential and former enemies could previously only have hoped for.  As long as the U.S. remains isolated by the world community as a unilateral actor, we’re a weaker force. Our enemies are emboldened to aggressively persue their  mischevious and evil international and geopolitical agenda in the form of proxy warriors and nuclear/conventional weaponization.

I think it was important for America to have insisted on multinational support before the war in Iraq, but, we failed to do that.  Although, late as it may be, I believe that is what is urgently needed today. The United Nations seems to have failed its purpose to unite the nations of the world in peace and the rule of law enforced against nuclear rogue nations and sponsors of terrorism i.e. North Korea, Iran, Iraq, Lybia, Syria, and so on. Short of that, we find our nation  forced to protect our vital national interest,  which is access to middle eastern oil. Additionally, we must defend our nation, and others, against fascist Islamist using Fabian Strategy in the U.S.  conflict with Iraq, at home,  and other global fronts.

 If the U.N. isn’t willing to do their part and the American Public refuses to support expeditionary conflicts against our enemies we are left with one option, in my opinion. That is,  withdraw and garrison America and allow the reluctant and irresponsible nations in the region to settle the social and economic mess for the remainder of this millennia.

Frankly, I have no problem with an American  laissez faire foreign policy. We have plenty of domestic policies that have been completely neglected by the distractions of Iraq, and other geopolitical  issues not being resolved by the regional actors who should be active and responsible for seeking their resolution.

 Of course, we will have to be willing to  stay out of real and potential military conflicts which threaten the future of western Europe, Africa, Asia, and many other parts of the world. Just like world war II, they’ll come neighborly knocking on America’s door asking for our assistance, treasure, and troops, to save them from the threats they refused to face. 

Having garrisoned our country, withdrawn all foreign aid dollars,  and avoided the cost of future military support, such a U.S.  laissez faire policy could afford our diplomats and political leaders the opportunity to be a passive global as well as the U.N.s most ardent critic. Similar to the frequent criticisim the U.S. receives from U. N. members and many quarters of the globe. That way we won’t have to suffer the likes of Senator John Kerry sticking another foot in his mouth claiming America is the pariah of the world.

As I have stated before, I think the best we could do for our vital national interest is persue a vigorus policy of energy independence within ten years. And, limit our global humanitarian contributions to improving our educational institutions and providing universal access of quality education to U. S. Citizens. Further, exporting our superior educational services in the  humanites,  life sciences, political science, and world history, to students traveling to the U.S. from other countries. Additionally, constraining our military to protection of our continent except for humanitarian aid to nations suffering natural disasters, which they can pay us back for after they recover.  As Michael Savage stated, “…protect our borders, langauge, culture…[and standard of living].”

Why should our domestic economy and future well being be dependent on unlimited growth and population of our nation? I doubt we can sustain it. It seems to me,  our political leadership, the common good of our nation, and domestic policy,  is divided. It appears to me to be divided,  by the constant corporate and government emphasis on expanding and exploiting international markets and labor,  coupled with unrestrained and unlimited growth here at home. When is enough, enough? How many billionaires can we afford? Answer, maybe we’ll know sometime in the  next millennia. Did I say Mellennia? How about the next decade? A time when, there is no middle class left in the U.S.A. ; only the rich and the poor. We’ll be just like those western European and third world nations many Americans admire  today,  yet whom  criticise us the most.

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