What’s the message?

Msg. Jan. 18, 2006; “To Surge or Insurge? That is the question!”

Surge 20,000 or 100,000 troops? I say, no “out-posting,” no “street patrols” for American soldiers. Our only job should be, is to garrison our troops and suppress any gathering or consolidated attack formations presented by opponents and enemies of the elected Iraqi government.  

Let the Iraqis slog it out or reconcile, and stop blaming us for their own ignorance and errors of judgment. We should just sit in our air conditioned Iraqi garrisons (The Green Zone) and hold our strategic beachhead in the war on middle east Fascist Islam and the evil Imperialists in Iran. We should use such a strategic and secure position in Iraq to gather good solid middle east inteligence and conduct special forces clandestine raids to harass and injure our enemy.  Such a posture would, I believe, allow us time to prepare here at home to hear and fashion the “bipartisan” and international plan for victory; a unified movement forward against Islamic Fascisim. 

In the mean time, we can wait for the day when the fledgling Iraqi government (Al Malarki) can, if ever, exercise their “sovereignty” over the sectarian militias, terrorists, proxy fighters, and regional interventionist. Then, maybe, we’ll listen to their blustery edicts to the U.S.A. about what we can and cannot do in their country. We may as well use their lands to our advantage; we’ve certainly paid for the privilege. We did after all conquer them, twice!  

I’ll take a stalemate in advancing a democratic regime in Iraq. It would be nice to see it succeed but it may not and it isn’t from a lack of our effort. It was worth a try. “You can lead a horse to water…” 

The most devastating thing we could do is engineer cars that run on electricity. We should concentrate on sucking the blood of the snake dry (interrupt the flow of dollars funding their power and projection of power; petrol wealth) as opposed to attempting to chop its head off. In the American desert of thought on this subject I can’t think of a better source of metaphoric nourishing protein to fuel our survival. PUN intended….


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