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Msg. Nov. 30, 2006:Mahmoud’s mood?


Its clear, after reading the text of the message from “H.E. Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, President of the Islamic Republic of Iran To the American People”, the guy is obviously one hump shy of a camel.  Apparently the insults directed at President Bush and his administration in speeches at the U.N., on American soil, this year, by he and Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez weren’t enough.  Mr.  Ahmadinejad was in the mood this week to insult the inteligence of the American people.

Ole Mahmoud attempted to play the American media and our people for a fool.  His first salutation, includes a prayer and petition to “…Almighty God,…” for the comming of the 12th Imam ; “…the perfect human being….[to] make us his followers…” Of course, what he doesn’t mention, is the global destruction that must occur before the “perfect” one, Muhammad al-Mahdi who will,”… in accordance with God’s command, bring justice and peace to the world by establishing Islam throughout the world…[Wikipedia]” will appear. 

Mr. Ahmadinejad says, in his letter, he wants our respect and that he finds it neccessary to “dialogue” with us. He seems to be asserting his authority as a “leader of the region and the world”; he’s counseling and lecturing us.  Its interesting to note that throughout the history of Islamic war,  their leaders and their Muslim populations were/are constantly seeking and demanding respect from their opposition. They (radical Muslims) don’t care how they get it (respect) as long as the do get it; hour by hour, day by day, never relenting. And when they do, get it, they are not appeased. History demonstrates, any gains or concessions they (radical Muslims) can impose or negotiate in their favor are always perceived as a “green light” and opportunity to demand and get a little more; it never ends (jihad; their struggle). More, “booty,” more humiliaiton of their opponent, more territory, more death, more, more, until the world has been completely subdued by their Islamic ideology.

Mahmoud places a veil over the nuclear weapons threat he and the leadership of Iran have developed in violation of the IAEA and the resolutions passed by that august body and institution he says we should all respect; the U.N..  Perhaps we should derive from Mahmoud’s many public speechs that he will be all to happy to be the catalyst for some future catyclismic event; consider a nuclear holocaust aimed at Israeli Jews. He disputes the first one ever happened (Nazi systematic extermination of the Jews during WWII). His “final solution” first involves the Jews (Saturday). Then, comes the west (Sunday). Its a popular radical Islamic saying (code for premeditated murder and world domination), “First,  comes Saturday. Then, comes Sunday.”  Should I presume Monday will follow, if there are any survivors, and the twelth Imam will appear to get everyone in the same “good mood” as Mahmoud,  and start the worldwide Islamic work-week off right?

His address, to the “Noble Americans,…” is,  in part, a geopolitical rant about his Zionphobia, radical Islamic propaganda, and transparent literary attempts at dividing the American public on domestic and foreign policy. It may also be interpreted as another “official mandatory warning” and “justification” of radical Islam’s intent to attack “the west.”  

I cannot emphasize enough, that “attack” for Islamo Fascist can be on many and diverse levels, not just nuclear ICBM or “suitcase bombs.” Perhaps a small listing will suffice? Witness the daliy attempts at public humiliation and violent vigilante harassment of non-muslims (Chiristian and Jewish), attempts at cyber attacks and denial of service on banking, financial institutions, and government websites.  And, posting videos on YouTube and Google Video, English broadcasts of Al Jazeera, supplying weaponry, soldiers, logistics, and financing to terrorist proxies i.e. Hezbollah, Hammas, Al Qaeda. In America, they are sponsoring agressor political and judicial activists under the cover of our constitutional protections of religion and freedom from censorship. Islamo Fascist are infiltrating and seeking employement as, faculty and researchers in  U.S.colleges. I suspect and have seen evidence they are also securing positions in congressional offices, as candidates, in our inteligence agencies, in the military. Now we have  radical Muslim and Latin American high level leaders circulating insulting and intimidating letters in addition to delievering rude and agressive U.N. speeches directed at the U.S.A. administration. 

The open letter to us was, at best,  unsophisticated and juvenile. What is his doctorate? Dr. of what? Does he really believe the American public is that dumb? I would venture to say, our ignorant misguided self absorbed pop culture and irresponsible politicians may give that appearence,  but he is very mistaken if he believes we are. Frankly, I’m not in the mood for Mahmoud and his plan of Imperial-Islamization of the west.


November 30, 2006 - Posted by | Islamo Fascism

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