What’s the message?

Msg. Nov. 16, 2006; Isn’t She Lovely?!

 Speaker Of The House

Meet the soon to be leader of  “the most ethical house of representatives in history.” And, the first thing she does? Endorse her close “ethcial” long time earmark buddy, House Armed Services Committee Chairman John “ABSCAM” Murtha,  as Majority Leader. Stiiiiiiirike One!!  Rep. Nancy Pelosi, a  “Presidio Partner“,    immigrant employer, granny from the nanny state city of  “Nan FransickO, CA” will soon have ample opportunity to show us all more of her superior intellect, political acumen, and bipartisan spirit. Maybe the DNC will consider fielding a Pelosi/Murtha run at the whitehouse in 2008? Why is it they’re so close and supportive of one another? 

If anyone watched Rep. Pelosi’s introduction of the house Democratic leadership team today, you may have noticed they were simply giddy with glee. I just get the erie sense the majority party believes the recent midterm election gave them a mandate rather than a message.  A mandate they mistakenly believe supports her agenda and the implicaitons expressed by the democrats’ relentless criticisim of the American war against radical Islam and the Iraqi battle front.  For example, Ms. Pelosi believes the conflict in the Iraqi front is not war. She instructed us, that the battle for  Iraq is, “…a situation…a problem [that she believes has a simple solution; pull-out].”

Just as concerning, is the decleration  by Dennis Kucinich on the floor of the house a few days ago,  “We have to determine that the time has come to cut off funds. There’s enough money in the pipeline to achieve the orderly withdrawal that Senator McGovern is talking about. But cut off funds, we must. That’s the ultimate power of the Congress, the power of the purse. That’s how we’ll end this war, and that’s the only way we’re going to end this war…” The only one following him around in agreement are the crickets.

I find it hard to see how so many democratic millionaires (Rep. Pelosi has a networth of approximately forty million dollars) can really “feel” for the work’n man. Raise the minimum wage, for sure, but what else? I’m listening.

A respected radio talk show host characterized Congresswoman Pelosi, and the secular progressive politics she represents,  as a “socialist.” Michael Savage commented, she may,  in her position of power, and her support for “sustainable development” Agenda 21,  be willing to “…hand over the national soverignty of the United States of America to the U.N…”  If so, I see her seeking the role of a “bourgeoise socialist;” its good for everyone else, but not for her. Fortunately today, more moderate minds prevailed.

The Blue Dog Dems and freshman House Representatives didn’t give into Madam Speaker Elect Pelosi’s arm twisting and denied her pick for House Leader (Rep. John “Mouth” Murtha). If we’re lucky, they (the Blue Dog Dems) will be the ones leading their party in the People’s House and not the “Speaker.” And if we’re real lucky, we won’t have to listen to her “speakership” for more than a couple of years. Anybody got’ny dirt (just kidding ;-).

Although I may sound skeptical, I truly hope for the best. Maybe the people in the “People’s House” will get the people’s midterm election message; GET BUSY! GET ALONG! GET IT DONE! OR GET OUT!    

N.Y. TIMES: Speaker Pelosi Tempts Disaster by Ruth Marcus


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