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Msg. Nov. 12, 2006; Dear Terrorist,…

My censored comments in response to the following links of  an Islamo-Fascist blog titled, “The ignored puzzle pieces of knowledge.” Perhaps you will discover a revealing and remarkable glimpse into the minds of radical Islamist. One of thousands of internet contact points used by radical Islamic youth. See how they demonstrate and practice their love for a hateful jihad and promote their propaganda against all non-muslims:  

Dear Terrorist(s),


For someone who appears to enjoy making allegations and writes soo much about false pride and hipocrisy you certainly have no room to talk; NONE! Your ”blog” is nothing more than a bunch of Islamo-Fascist hate and propoganda and should be rightly condemned by all who read it.

America isn’t losing the war against Islamo-Fascisim. We’re just warming up. We are not afraid of you and those like you. Americans love and cherish each and everyone of our brave and gallant soldiers who have fallen anywhere, in Iraq or the middle east. However, in the past like now, when it comes to defeating an enemy of the human race, like yoursleves, our people and soldiers have willingly sacraficed everything. For example, and there are many, U.S. Marines suffered more than six thousand (6000) dead the first day they landed on Iwo Jima! We will stand against you and prevail if it takes an eternity. You think we’re a paper tiger? Good, we like it when we’re underestimated. It gives us the chance to prove just how wrong you truly are.

Radical Islam has only succeeded in awakening a sleeping dragon who has the will and capacity to take flight and rain fire and destrucition down on your heads!! The likes of which you have never seen or imagined. American soldiers aren’t committing suicide nor have they sustained the 30,000 deaths you claim either!! They are however, at this very moment, happily planning to help you and your fellow mongrels on your way to paradise. You call it “victory,” and we call it rightous justice; a job well done.

Oh, so we’re nothing more than a Kafir huh; to be killed or taken to the market for sale? Well, you and those like you, are ignorant bainwashed subhuman animals. You think your brand of religion is so much better than everyone elses? YOUR WRONG!! The Pope and the cartoons published in the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten on 2005-09-30 got it right! Look at the fruit of your “religion;” poverty, hate, child abuse, woman abuse, murder, intolerance, ignorance; deliberate disloyalty to GOD. You only make yourselves feel good by tearing others down. Involuntary religious converson with the blade of a sword. That is not only a violent and ugly oxymoron, it is such simplistic and dishonest thinking it could be easily illustrated in cartoons and be characterized as a fools’ joke on those who believe in such misguided and lethal dogma and doctrine.

The measure of any religion is the spiritual fruit it bears and Islamo-Fascisim is like a dried twig on a tree with rotted roots. A dead thicket and briar standing in the way of life and growth and worthy of nothing more than to be hewn from the ground, stacked high, then burned and transformeed into indistinguishable atoms of black carbon and turned back into the earth as if it had never exisited.

If you would dare reside in the U.S.A.. you and all the Muslims who think like you do deserve to have your beards yanked and your head slapped frequently by any Kafir and Infadel you dare to to stare at. Our tax laws should be modified so that muslims in the U.S. who refuse to renounce and cease to practice and preach your radicalized and distorted religion, are taxed twice as much as everyone else. The Mosques and houses of anyone teaching your hate and “religion” should be identified and denied public electrical, water, postal, and police services. And when you see me, and my brothers like me, you should bow down and step aside and NEVER walk in front of us.

Until you renoumce Radical Islam as your religion and embrace a religion of love, tolerance, and understanding, you and all those like you deserve nothing but every Kafirs’ and Infadels’ comtempt, social disdain, public criticisim, scrutiny/terrorist profiling, and rejection.

In the name of GOD, and all the people, you, and those like you have caused so much pain and death, I COMMAND YOU, BOW DOWN NOW YOU HEATHEN! Humble yourself before Allah and beg his mercy and forgiveness for having violated his commands to the people of earth. Your evil twisted world view and your disservice to the ideals of spirtual brotherhood and the Fatherhood of God will be the end of you if you do not repent and see the error of your ways. As you judge so shall you be judged!!

I believe that there is One Universal Supreme Creative consciousness who is nameless, yet answers to many names, and, who is Omnipresent, Omniscient, and Omnipotent, and, who can be recognized, realized and expressed by and through human consciousness.

“The sun shines on us all” and so does our Common Father, Allah, or any other name you choose to call “HIM”, love us all. HE is no respector of persons nor does HE maintain a “Chosen People” to interpret his word and enforce his will on non-muslim peoples. Radical Islam doesn’t even come close!!! Muhamud was not the first prophet nor was he the last prophet and word from a living GOD. GOD is ALIVE NOW and HE speaks to whomever and whenever HE chooses. YOU and Radical Islam do not have an exclusive relationship with GOD or understanding of “TRUTH!” Nor do you and those like you, have special rights and authority over me and my brethern that has been granted you by GOD!!

An Infidel



November 12, 2006 - Posted by | Islamo Fascism

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  1. My such fire and passion… and we appreciate having an educated and
    > expressive “watchdog” keeping us up to date on the doings of the
    > radical Muslims … thanks… uh, one suggestion… use your
    > spellchecker… lvu.. Muti
    It isn’t so much a matter of passion as it is psychological warfare; counter propaganda. As you’ll notice, if you read their blog, they’re singing to the choir. There is no voice of desent, debate, or doubt allowed in their circles of discussion and thought. They don’t question the rightousness of their mission. They are conditioning and programming the minds of their youth. They have gleefully commented about and posted links to all the snuff video and premeditated murders of American soldiers that were broadcast by “Al Jihadzera” and others.
    The comments I posted have been removed without comment from the blog twice by the blog’s manager, Samir. I put it back up again today…. and I see that he has removed it a third time. I don’t think he liked my comments.
    That’s ok, I told him he is a coward and that I had the satisfaction of knowing that he would always be haunted by my words, which I repeated. If I can sow one inkling of self doubt or his question about the infalibility of their doctrine, I will have accomplished my goal. That scum needs to know we are listening to them and we fully understand what they are all about.
    If you read their text closely you’ll see, they think they’re very sneaky and clever. They use alot of muslim language code words in an attempt to conceal their endorsment and desire to see us murdered by their “brothers” and “sisters.” Its their equivilant of a “wink” that implies “[we’ll get them (the evil kifir) while they’re sleeping and distracted by all their sinful activities].”
    I’ll try to get to that spell checker more often. Thanks for the reminder. I don’t want to appear icnorant…
    We need a nation of watchdogs! Where’s your local Mosque? From there, just “follow the money.” Of course it really doesn’t matter as much now; that we identify Saudi Arabian Wahabist and Iranian Shite funding American Muslim Mosques. We pretty much know who the sponsors are. The problem we face now is home grown terrorist ala France and England.
    That is the nature of the battle we face here and now. An idea is the most powerful thing on earth. For example, Ayatollah Kohmeni exported his successful campaign to establish a radical Islamic Republic in Iran while he lived (for years in exile) in France. He spread his message and strategy using sophisticated and modern communications technology; by distributing casette tapes. He circulated the tapes to his supporters and the impoverished and disadvantaged population of Iran culminating in a violent revolt and seizure of the U.S. Embassy and Iranian capital in Tehran. And, he did it all without ever stepping foot on Iranian soil, subsequent to his exile.
    Personally, I would like to see our military or civilian government sponsor a counter propaganda campaign to radical Islam. I want a sustained campaign that employs all forms of mass communication in this country. It would be an excellent jobs program to! We could hire the best brodcasters, graphic artists, video engineers, web gurus, etc.; just like CNN (only without their media bias). Hey, maybe we could outsource it to Pakistani or Inidan white collar laborers to save money!! 😉 But, the ACLU and the brain washed secular progressives, multi-cultural racists, and bleeding heart liberals would rather see a nuke go off here before that happens.
    So, I see my humble anti-propaganda as a small, perhaps insignificant, way I can contribute to any effort to stop these madmen. I’m determined they won’t chop off the head of anyone I know without a fight! They think they can sneak their ideology into our country over a protracted period of time in an effort to undermine, destablize, defeat and then physically dominate our government and civil society. You’ll see me on the six o’clock news before that happens!

    Comment by urantian | November 15, 2006 | Reply

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