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Msg. Nov. 30, 2006:Mahmoud’s mood?


Its clear, after reading the text of the message from “H.E. Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, President of the Islamic Republic of Iran To the American People”, the guy is obviously one hump shy of a camel.  Apparently the insults directed at President Bush and his administration in speeches at the U.N., on American soil, this year, by he and Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez weren’t enough.  Mr.  Ahmadinejad was in the mood this week to insult the inteligence of the American people.

Ole Mahmoud attempted to play the American media and our people for a fool.  His first salutation, includes a prayer and petition to “…Almighty God,…” for the comming of the 12th Imam ; “…the perfect human being….[to] make us his followers…” Of course, what he doesn’t mention, is the global destruction that must occur before the “perfect” one, Muhammad al-Mahdi who will,”… in accordance with God’s command, bring justice and peace to the world by establishing Islam throughout the world…[Wikipedia]” will appear. 

Mr. Ahmadinejad says, in his letter, he wants our respect and that he finds it neccessary to “dialogue” with us. He seems to be asserting his authority as a “leader of the region and the world”; he’s counseling and lecturing us.  Its interesting to note that throughout the history of Islamic war,  their leaders and their Muslim populations were/are constantly seeking and demanding respect from their opposition. They (radical Muslims) don’t care how they get it (respect) as long as the do get it; hour by hour, day by day, never relenting. And when they do, get it, they are not appeased. History demonstrates, any gains or concessions they (radical Muslims) can impose or negotiate in their favor are always perceived as a “green light” and opportunity to demand and get a little more; it never ends (jihad; their struggle). More, “booty,” more humiliaiton of their opponent, more territory, more death, more, more, until the world has been completely subdued by their Islamic ideology.

Mahmoud places a veil over the nuclear weapons threat he and the leadership of Iran have developed in violation of the IAEA and the resolutions passed by that august body and institution he says we should all respect; the U.N..  Perhaps we should derive from Mahmoud’s many public speechs that he will be all to happy to be the catalyst for some future catyclismic event; consider a nuclear holocaust aimed at Israeli Jews. He disputes the first one ever happened (Nazi systematic extermination of the Jews during WWII). His “final solution” first involves the Jews (Saturday). Then, comes the west (Sunday). Its a popular radical Islamic saying (code for premeditated murder and world domination), “First,  comes Saturday. Then, comes Sunday.”  Should I presume Monday will follow, if there are any survivors, and the twelth Imam will appear to get everyone in the same “good mood” as Mahmoud,  and start the worldwide Islamic work-week off right?

His address, to the “Noble Americans,…” is,  in part, a geopolitical rant about his Zionphobia, radical Islamic propaganda, and transparent literary attempts at dividing the American public on domestic and foreign policy. It may also be interpreted as another “official mandatory warning” and “justification” of radical Islam’s intent to attack “the west.”  

I cannot emphasize enough, that “attack” for Islamo Fascist can be on many and diverse levels, not just nuclear ICBM or “suitcase bombs.” Perhaps a small listing will suffice? Witness the daliy attempts at public humiliation and violent vigilante harassment of non-muslims (Chiristian and Jewish), attempts at cyber attacks and denial of service on banking, financial institutions, and government websites.  And, posting videos on YouTube and Google Video, English broadcasts of Al Jazeera, supplying weaponry, soldiers, logistics, and financing to terrorist proxies i.e. Hezbollah, Hammas, Al Qaeda. In America, they are sponsoring agressor political and judicial activists under the cover of our constitutional protections of religion and freedom from censorship. Islamo Fascist are infiltrating and seeking employement as, faculty and researchers in  U.S.colleges. I suspect and have seen evidence they are also securing positions in congressional offices, as candidates, in our inteligence agencies, in the military. Now we have  radical Muslim and Latin American high level leaders circulating insulting and intimidating letters in addition to delievering rude and agressive U.N. speeches directed at the U.S.A. administration. 

The open letter to us was, at best,  unsophisticated and juvenile. What is his doctorate? Dr. of what? Does he really believe the American public is that dumb? I would venture to say, our ignorant misguided self absorbed pop culture and irresponsible politicians may give that appearence,  but he is very mistaken if he believes we are. Frankly, I’m not in the mood for Mahmoud and his plan of Imperial-Islamization of the west.


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Msg. Nov. 21, 2006; Watch this…!

Keith Ellison

2006 U.S. Midterm elections had more than one surprise in store for Americans. In addition to changes in congressional leadership, voters in Minnesota elected Dem. Rep. Keith Ellison; the first Muslim ever elected to congress.

According to the Council on American-Islamic Relations he was a speaker at one of their recent fundraisers. They reported contributions exceeded $600,000.00.  Earlier in the month, when questioned about the planned speaking engagement for C.A.I. R. ,  it was reported by Nathan Burchfiel Staff Writer, that the new congressman’s staffers had denied  he would attend the fundraiser as the keynote speaker. The week before the congressman’s speech, Robert Spencer reported that Rep. Ellison would indeed be the keynote speaker. Mr. Spencer also quoted another middle east expert, regarding C.A.I.R. ties to terrorist groups, “”Terror expert Steven Emerson says on the basis of this and other evidence that CAIR is “a radical fundamentalist front group for Hamas.””

Mr Burchfiel also repeated in his article an alarming allegation by prominent democratic leaders reagarding C.A.I.R. activities and support for the election of the congressman.  He reports, “…Ellison also skipped a White House reception for new members of Congress Monday, opting instead to meet with labor leaders from the AFL-CIO, according to the NBC affiliate in Minneapolis. CAIR leaders and members donated money to Ellison’s campaign to help make him the first Muslim with a seat in the U.S. House. The group’s support drew criticism from Ellison’s opponents, Republican Alan Fine and Independent Tammy Lee.Fine pointed out in campaign material that “Democrats say [CAIR] has deep ties to terrorism,” and featuring quotes from Sens. Charles Schumer (N.Y.) and Dick Durbin (Ill.) suggesting that CAIR has links to terrorist or suspect groups in the Middle East…”

C.A.I.R.  states they are, “… America’s largest Islamic civil liberties group, has 32 offices and chapters nationwide and in Canada. Its mission is to enhance the understanding of Islam, encourage dialogue, protect civil liberties, empower American Muslims, and build coalitions that promote justice and mutual understanding…”

James Meek of the Daily News Washington Journal reported that, “… Ellison – also known as Keith Hakim, Keith X. Ellison and Keith EllisonMuhammad – has been criticized for his past support of Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan and convicted Symbionese Liberation Army radical Sara Jane Olson. He [Ellison] has said he will take his oath of office with his hand upon the Koran, the Islamic holy book…” In the same article Mr. Meeks reported that Al Qaeda jihadists were criticising the congressman’s election in internet chat rooms.

It has been widely reported,  and brilliantly illustrated in the most recent and stunning docmentary Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against The West, that jihadist, such as the former Yassar Arrafat will, for political purposes, say one thing to non-muslim leaders, and something totally different to their supporters.

American citizens must be vigilent! They should scutinize what Muslims are saying and doing in this country.  America now has a Muslim with suspicious sponsors and agenda elected to congress. Just as alarming, our children’s grade schools and books,  our colleges and faculty , our families, are being infiltrated and subjected to Islamic propoganda.  This month, per Reuters, Al Jazeera has begun offering broadcasting in English here in America! In September this year, also in Minnesota,  Minneapolis-St. Paul cab drivers refused to transport airport passengers carrying duty free alochol (USA Today).     Should we be expecting revelations about more home grown traitors like the former southern Californian,  Adam Gadahn, “The American Jihadist” and offical english speaking spoksmen for Al Qaeda? There’s more…(see my other blog msg.)

Most recently, Bob Von Sternberg and Pamela Miller, Star Tribune reported about the six Muslims, also from Minnesota, conincidentally Rep. Keith EllisonMuhammad’s district state,  were removed from a U.S. Airways flight after their behavior became suspicious to the passengers and crew. The article stated, “…Bloggers and talk radio buzzed about the need to be vigilant against potential terrorists, while civil rights advocates and Muslim leaders cried foul. The national Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) called for a congressional hearing about ethnic and religious profiling at airports…” This incident must be questioned. Was it preplanned? Was it just one more assault on our American culture. An assault, that is intended, to slowly, day by day,  break down our collective will and “guard?” I suspect C.A.I.R. is taking litigous lessons from the A.C.L.U. in order to use our judicial system to advance their political agenda. In fact, as a post edited note (Nov. 22, 2006) : Robert Spencer, author and a featured  blogger on, commented during a KNEW910 radio show interview by Michael Savage, “…C.A.I.R. and the A.C.L.U. have collaborated in the past…”

I am reminded of this summers Muslim uprisings and unrest in England and France. As you may know, their Muslim populations are approaching ten percent and more. After years of tolerance and increases of nonselective immigration these countries are facing a Muslim minority that is increasingly hostile and burdening their social services while demanding the govenment legislate or ajudicate more tolerance and consideration for their “special rights.” Meanwhile, radical Islamists destroy private property and openly chant in the city streets “bomb bomb UK…bomb bomb USA.”  

Americans  cannot allow,  our collective over emphasis on political correctness, racial diversity training and religious sensitivity to profiling terrorists,  print and broadcast media bias, sympathy for illegal immigrants and open borders, deceit of Islamo Fascist double speak,  cloud our judgment and common sense.

With all the concern for the many terrorist threats to our people, how could those Muslims be so insensitive to the flying public to think that, before take-off,  prostrating themselves, loudly proclaiming Allahu Akbar, the last slogan every homicide bomber screams,  and generally arousing suspicion with their seating, numbers, one-way tickets, wouldn’t be concerning to the other people preparing to travel on the same flight?  The fact that the airline company and passengers rejected them,  doesn’t have anything to do with a denial of religious freedom or racial discrimination (Islam isn’t a race). IT’S COMMON SENSE!!! Are those guys (Imams) that ignorant? I don’t think so. I find myself asking, What is going on in Minnesota?!

I submit that radical Islam is conduting a domestic campagin of psychological and social warfare,  to slowly erode American defenses and culture. There’s more to this yelling for investigations, allegations of racial discrimination,  and “fighting for religious freedom” than meets the eye. Speaking of which, …. I advise, we keep our eyes open and ….watch this!


The Truth About Muhammad: Founder of the World’s Most Intolerant Religion

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Msg. Nov. 16, 2006; Isn’t She Lovely?!

 Speaker Of The House

Meet the soon to be leader of  “the most ethical house of representatives in history.” And, the first thing she does? Endorse her close “ethcial” long time earmark buddy, House Armed Services Committee Chairman John “ABSCAM” Murtha,  as Majority Leader. Stiiiiiiirike One!!  Rep. Nancy Pelosi, a  “Presidio Partner“,    immigrant employer, granny from the nanny state city of  “Nan FransickO, CA” will soon have ample opportunity to show us all more of her superior intellect, political acumen, and bipartisan spirit. Maybe the DNC will consider fielding a Pelosi/Murtha run at the whitehouse in 2008? Why is it they’re so close and supportive of one another? 

If anyone watched Rep. Pelosi’s introduction of the house Democratic leadership team today, you may have noticed they were simply giddy with glee. I just get the erie sense the majority party believes the recent midterm election gave them a mandate rather than a message.  A mandate they mistakenly believe supports her agenda and the implicaitons expressed by the democrats’ relentless criticisim of the American war against radical Islam and the Iraqi battle front.  For example, Ms. Pelosi believes the conflict in the Iraqi front is not war. She instructed us, that the battle for  Iraq is, “…a situation…a problem [that she believes has a simple solution; pull-out].”

Just as concerning, is the decleration  by Dennis Kucinich on the floor of the house a few days ago,  “We have to determine that the time has come to cut off funds. There’s enough money in the pipeline to achieve the orderly withdrawal that Senator McGovern is talking about. But cut off funds, we must. That’s the ultimate power of the Congress, the power of the purse. That’s how we’ll end this war, and that’s the only way we’re going to end this war…” The only one following him around in agreement are the crickets.

I find it hard to see how so many democratic millionaires (Rep. Pelosi has a networth of approximately forty million dollars) can really “feel” for the work’n man. Raise the minimum wage, for sure, but what else? I’m listening.

A respected radio talk show host characterized Congresswoman Pelosi, and the secular progressive politics she represents,  as a “socialist.” Michael Savage commented, she may,  in her position of power, and her support for “sustainable development” Agenda 21,  be willing to “…hand over the national soverignty of the United States of America to the U.N…”  If so, I see her seeking the role of a “bourgeoise socialist;” its good for everyone else, but not for her. Fortunately today, more moderate minds prevailed.

The Blue Dog Dems and freshman House Representatives didn’t give into Madam Speaker Elect Pelosi’s arm twisting and denied her pick for House Leader (Rep. John “Mouth” Murtha). If we’re lucky, they (the Blue Dog Dems) will be the ones leading their party in the People’s House and not the “Speaker.” And if we’re real lucky, we won’t have to listen to her “speakership” for more than a couple of years. Anybody got’ny dirt (just kidding ;-).

Although I may sound skeptical, I truly hope for the best. Maybe the people in the “People’s House” will get the people’s midterm election message; GET BUSY! GET ALONG! GET IT DONE! OR GET OUT!    

N.Y. TIMES: Speaker Pelosi Tempts Disaster by Ruth Marcus


The UN Plan for Global Migration

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Msg. Nov. 13, 2006; China Our Friend or Foe?

The Washington Times reported a Chinese submarine stalking the aircraft carrier U.S.S. Kittyhawk and other vessels of the U.S. fleet,  undetected in the pacific ocean at the end of last month. That shouldn’t come as any surprise, should it? Especially after the revelations published in 1999 in The Cox Report,  issued by the select U.S. Congressional Committee. The report, summarized an investigation into Chinese espionage and how the PRC stole U.S. national security secrets and nuclear weapons technology here in the U.S. over several decades.  It was possibly the worst breach of national security in U.S. history. The report reveals that the cumulative effect of the national security breach has resulted in the proliferation of secret U.S. weapons technology to other countries.  In my opinion, The Cox Report just further emphasizes the danger and prevelance of federal government incompetence, lack of accountability, corporate treason, and poor, if any, congressional oversight.

AP filed a report in Forbes,  that within days of the surfacing naval embarrasment,  a high ranking Chinese military delegation was hosted by U.S. Pacific Fleet Commanders on a ” …tour of the USS Preble in San Diego and observed a demonstration of an amphibious assault vehicle and weapons simulation training at Camp Pendleton…” AP also reported, Admiral Gary Roughead, Commander of U.S. Pacific Fleet, is meeting today with PRC military officers in Beijing, China. ABCNews reporter Audra Ang reports Admiral Roughead stated, “The thrust of our discussions will really be in how our navies can gain a better understanding of one another.”   In light of these reports and previous Chinese espionage, what is more scary, that the PRC is tracking our vessels, undetected, with submarines or the fact that our top Naval Brass is happily “showing” them around American vessels, war technology, and active duty military personnell?

China sub stalked U.S. fleet

U.S. Pacific Fleet Commander Tours China

Chinese Officers to Tour U.S. Bases

A Breach of Security? The Cox Report-PBS Coverage

China Shakes the World: A Titan’s Rise and Troubled Future — and the Challenge for America
by James Kynge

                        See video introduction: Click Here

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Msg. Nov. 12, 2006; Dear Terrorist,…

My censored comments in response to the following links of  an Islamo-Fascist blog titled, “The ignored puzzle pieces of knowledge.” Perhaps you will discover a revealing and remarkable glimpse into the minds of radical Islamist. One of thousands of internet contact points used by radical Islamic youth. See how they demonstrate and practice their love for a hateful jihad and promote their propaganda against all non-muslims:  

Dear Terrorist(s),


For someone who appears to enjoy making allegations and writes soo much about false pride and hipocrisy you certainly have no room to talk; NONE! Your ”blog” is nothing more than a bunch of Islamo-Fascist hate and propoganda and should be rightly condemned by all who read it.

America isn’t losing the war against Islamo-Fascisim. We’re just warming up. We are not afraid of you and those like you. Americans love and cherish each and everyone of our brave and gallant soldiers who have fallen anywhere, in Iraq or the middle east. However, in the past like now, when it comes to defeating an enemy of the human race, like yoursleves, our people and soldiers have willingly sacraficed everything. For example, and there are many, U.S. Marines suffered more than six thousand (6000) dead the first day they landed on Iwo Jima! We will stand against you and prevail if it takes an eternity. You think we’re a paper tiger? Good, we like it when we’re underestimated. It gives us the chance to prove just how wrong you truly are.

Radical Islam has only succeeded in awakening a sleeping dragon who has the will and capacity to take flight and rain fire and destrucition down on your heads!! The likes of which you have never seen or imagined. American soldiers aren’t committing suicide nor have they sustained the 30,000 deaths you claim either!! They are however, at this very moment, happily planning to help you and your fellow mongrels on your way to paradise. You call it “victory,” and we call it rightous justice; a job well done.

Oh, so we’re nothing more than a Kafir huh; to be killed or taken to the market for sale? Well, you and those like you, are ignorant bainwashed subhuman animals. You think your brand of religion is so much better than everyone elses? YOUR WRONG!! The Pope and the cartoons published in the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten on 2005-09-30 got it right! Look at the fruit of your “religion;” poverty, hate, child abuse, woman abuse, murder, intolerance, ignorance; deliberate disloyalty to GOD. You only make yourselves feel good by tearing others down. Involuntary religious converson with the blade of a sword. That is not only a violent and ugly oxymoron, it is such simplistic and dishonest thinking it could be easily illustrated in cartoons and be characterized as a fools’ joke on those who believe in such misguided and lethal dogma and doctrine.

The measure of any religion is the spiritual fruit it bears and Islamo-Fascisim is like a dried twig on a tree with rotted roots. A dead thicket and briar standing in the way of life and growth and worthy of nothing more than to be hewn from the ground, stacked high, then burned and transformeed into indistinguishable atoms of black carbon and turned back into the earth as if it had never exisited.

If you would dare reside in the U.S.A.. you and all the Muslims who think like you do deserve to have your beards yanked and your head slapped frequently by any Kafir and Infadel you dare to to stare at. Our tax laws should be modified so that muslims in the U.S. who refuse to renounce and cease to practice and preach your radicalized and distorted religion, are taxed twice as much as everyone else. The Mosques and houses of anyone teaching your hate and “religion” should be identified and denied public electrical, water, postal, and police services. And when you see me, and my brothers like me, you should bow down and step aside and NEVER walk in front of us.

Until you renoumce Radical Islam as your religion and embrace a religion of love, tolerance, and understanding, you and all those like you deserve nothing but every Kafirs’ and Infadels’ comtempt, social disdain, public criticisim, scrutiny/terrorist profiling, and rejection.

In the name of GOD, and all the people, you, and those like you have caused so much pain and death, I COMMAND YOU, BOW DOWN NOW YOU HEATHEN! Humble yourself before Allah and beg his mercy and forgiveness for having violated his commands to the people of earth. Your evil twisted world view and your disservice to the ideals of spirtual brotherhood and the Fatherhood of God will be the end of you if you do not repent and see the error of your ways. As you judge so shall you be judged!!

I believe that there is One Universal Supreme Creative consciousness who is nameless, yet answers to many names, and, who is Omnipresent, Omniscient, and Omnipotent, and, who can be recognized, realized and expressed by and through human consciousness.

“The sun shines on us all” and so does our Common Father, Allah, or any other name you choose to call “HIM”, love us all. HE is no respector of persons nor does HE maintain a “Chosen People” to interpret his word and enforce his will on non-muslim peoples. Radical Islam doesn’t even come close!!! Muhamud was not the first prophet nor was he the last prophet and word from a living GOD. GOD is ALIVE NOW and HE speaks to whomever and whenever HE chooses. YOU and Radical Islam do not have an exclusive relationship with GOD or understanding of “TRUTH!” Nor do you and those like you, have special rights and authority over me and my brethern that has been granted you by GOD!!

An Infidel


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AMAZON BOOK STORE: Click Here or on one of the book links below:

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  3. The Broken Branch: How Congress Is Failing America and How to Get It Back on Track (Institutions of American Democracy) by Thomas E. Mann and Norman J. Ornstein
  4. China Shakes the World: A Titan’s Rise and Troubled Future — and the Challenge for America by James Kynge
  5. The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers by Paul Kennedy
  6. The Closing of the American Mind by Allan Bloom
  7. The Legacy of Jihad: Islamic Holy War and the Fate of Non-Muslims by Andrew Bostom, M.D.
  8. Empire of Debt: The Rise of an Epic Financial Crisis by Bill Bonner and Anddison Wiggin
  9. Londinaston by Melanie Phillips
  10. Secrets of the Temple; How the Federal Reserve Runs the Country by William Greider
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  15. Eurabia: The Euro-Arab Axis by Bat Ye’or
  16. Fiasco: The American Military Adventure in Iraq by Thomas E. Ricks
  17. Internal Combustion: How Corporations and Governments Addicted the World to Oil and Derailed the Alternatives by Edwin Black
  18. Jihad Incorporated: A Guide to Militant Islam in the Us by Steven Emerson
  19. Web of Deceit: The History of Western Complicity in Iraq, from Churchill to Kennedy to George W. Bush by Barry M. Lando
  20. Winning the Future: A 21st Century Contract with America by Newt Gingrich
  21. Rediscovering God in America: Reflections on the Role of Faith in Our Nation’s History and Future by Newt Gingrich
  22. Because They Hate: A Survivor of Islamic Terror Warns America by Brigitte Gabriel
  23. The Enemy At Home: The Cultural Left and Its Responsibility for 9/11 by Dinesh D’Souza
  24. The Trouble with Islam Today: A Muslim’s Call for Reform in Her Faith by Irshad Manji
  25. Nemesis: The Last Days of the American Republic (American Empire Project) by Chalmers Johnson
  26. Indoctrination U:The Left’s War Against Academic Freedom by David Horowitz
  27. The Final Move Beyond Iraq by Michael Evans
  28. The Coming China Wars By Peter Navarro
  29. What Every American Needs to Know About the Qur’an by William J. Federer
  30. The Deniers: The World Renowned Scientists Who Stood Up Against Global Warming Hysteria, Political Persecution, and Fraud

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