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Msg. Oct. 30, 2006; Where did all the Christians go?

Brigitte Gabriele warns us in her speech at the Heritage Foundation Sept 27, 2006 “Wake Up America!…Hate is being taught in the Mosqes and schools of America…Where are the voices of the moderate Muslims?…Hezbolla sent death threats to the Labenese President…Iran will use the nuclear bomb to attack Israel…U.N. sanctions smantions, they will do nothing to [deter nuclear weapons development in] Iran…”

Brigitte Gabriel invites Americans to uinte and join her and others who are concerned about the welfare of our country and culture.  She asks us to speak out loudly and persistently and become willing to confront the real nature of radical Islamic Jihad being waged against us here and now.  She makes it clear that the problem is not limited to some far distant shore. Mrs. Gabriel emphasizes that the manifestation of jihad in Palestine, Lebanon, Europe, and the middle east is indicative of what we can expect here in America if we don’t stand against its ever increasing influence and assault on our culture.

In the video above,  Mrs. Gabrille takes us back to Palestine and Lebanon 1988. Her documentary chronicles the systamatic displacement and intimidation of local Chrisitians, by radical Islamists. 


October 30, 2006 - Posted by | Islamo Fascism

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