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Msg. Sept. 6, 2006; Same Fascist & Goals

Same Fascist Tactics…Same Fascist Goals

“I believe Love is a Devine Grace”

Yea, well, they also …”US Muslims”,,, aren’t speaking out against those who do recruit children and criminals to perpetuate their fascist propaganda, religious dogma and deadly forms of the ancient practice of dhimmitude (forced tributes) against all infidels. (See “The Legacy of Jihad: Islamic Holy War and the Fate of Non-Muslims” by Dr. Andrew G. Bostom Author Associate Professor of Medicine, Division of Renal Diseases, Rhode Island Hospital”

The “…US Muslim…”s appear to be quite active in recruiting vicious criminals from our federal prisons.

Lets not forget the “…US Muslims…” academicians i.e. University of South Florida professor Sami Al-Arian, who infiltrated our colleges in order to conceal their radical deadly agenda and propaganda as “legitimate educators.” 

And, yet other “…US Muslims…” operate small convenience stores in order to fraudulently convert welfare vouchers to cash and subsequently donate the profits to the “fundamentalist/Extremist Muslims in the Arabic countries.” I prefer the term Islamo-Fascists!

How about the “…US Muslims…” that are also fielding training camps here in America i.e. “…on the western edge of the Catskill Mountains in New York Jamaat al Fuqra, a terrorist organization founded by Sheik Mubarek Ali Shah Gilani, the Islamic cleric Daniel Pearl was attempting to interview when he was kidnapped, and a group that has been linked to over two-dozen murders and fire-bombings inside the U.S., maintains active training compounds inside the United States…” see Investigative Report Feb. 2, 2006 Exposing Terrorists In America.

Let’s not forget the Hizbullah fundraising activities by “US Muslims” in America Surely one can remember these guys. Remember, the same ones who killed 250 Marines in Lebanon? These are just a few of the published implicit actions of “…US Muslim…”s “endorsing” terrorism. Its true, they don’t send their kids to terror training schools. They just help finance them. Although, we have see I’m certain I could go on and on with example after example of what the “tolerance” of the so called peaceful religion of Islam is bringing to our country, what’s left of it.

I hope everyone can see what the great and tolerant civilizations of England and France, Denmark have spawned; a “UK Muslim” and “French Muslim” and “Den Muslim” population are 20% or more, most of who are on welfare and demanding that those governments change their laws to exclusively accommodate and satisfy their notions of social fairness, religious tolerance, and contentions they are being discriminated against. Not to mention intimidating and black mailing the balance of those populations to be less critical and more tolerant of their terrorist brothers attempting to destabilize the middle east oil supplies and infidel governments.

You know, I just have to say, there comes a time when being politically correct and tolerant and inclusive just isn’t appropriate anymore. There comes a time when a people just have to stand up, if they have any back bone left, and say, “That’s a CROCK!” Of course, there’s the Chameberlinian alternative to attempt to appease and approve while they simply chop our heads off one by one, until they come for you!

Islamo-Fascist propaganda is just as deadly and terrifying as an IED. Remember the benign term used by Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda, Joseph Gerbils “the final solution.” Well, right now, I don’t feel like being so accepting and warm and fuzzy about all things “US Muslim.” Especially a stupid stamp commemorating the holidays of one of the most intolerant social religions on the planet! Until I start hearing the “…US Muslim…”s in this country cry out loudly, from every Mosque and every convenience store, against the Islamo-Fascists’ evil, injustice, and monsterous crimes against humanity I don’t want to commemorate and celebrate their holidays. Until “…US Muslim…”s speak out loudly and frequently against Muslim intolerance and violence, I can’t be sure that they’re ultimate intent is truly peaceful. Nor can I see why I shouldn’t scrutinize and terrorist-profile every one of them I lay my eyes on. Do we want to talk about some people letting someone else do their thinking for them!?

That Muslim Holiday Stamp is just another reminder and example of our “BIG GOVERNMENT” incompetence and blindness to what is best for America and all the more reason why we should muster every opportunity to counter attack terrorist propaganda. There is only one thing more disgraceful and terrifying than the Islamo-Fascist propaganda and murderous terror. There is only one thing louder than the sound of their bombs and the agonizing screams heard by the brothers in arms of our beloved U.S. soliders. That “thing” is the deafening silence and lack of frequent and appropriate condemnation of such acts from the moderate “…US Muslim…” and their counterparts in the rest of the world.

An Infidel



October 29, 2006 - Posted by | Islamo Fascism

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