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Msg. May 23, 2006; America Loses War On Drugs!



Dear Michael,

This might be good show topic? It is such a daunting subject. I am not naive enough to believe I could adequately address it here. But, something you said the other day on the show got me to thinking. You were agreeing with the proposition that the fetuses of drug addicts should be aborted. I would go a step further and suggest that convicted addicts be sterilized, as a result of their own choice. The above should be the leading headline and the following should be the byline: President appoints head of new government agency UCDAP (USA Certified Drug Addict Program).  The U.S. Government has become an addict also. It, is addicted to the criminal justice-industrial complex.

Maybe you’ve asked yourself, why would a defense lawyer, prison builder/owner, military defense contractor, drug addict, drug smuggler, ad infinitum want the war on drugs to end? They don’t! They can all be found riding a perpetual gravy train they never want to see stop. A train that is burning fuel at the rate of one person arrested and $600 dollars per second. That’s over $40 billion dollars and 1.3 million arrested this YTD alone! I don’t want this to get too long as I know you have a lot of research and reading to do already. If you will, please allow me to state my position as quickly as I can.

I believe drug abuse is a public health problem and should be decriminalized. Note, I said decriminalized not legalized. Let us agree, we’ve proven it over the last 30 years, it doesn’t matter how much poppy and cocoa eradication/crop subsidies, military support/interdiction, cartel interdiction/prosecution, and addict arrest/prosecution/use is funded. There is always another grower, smuggler, addict and enforcer there to take over where their predecessors failed. Agreed? Why? Because there are big financial incentives for all of them. Until we remove the financial incentives this addictive syndrome will never end.

 We can never legislate or prevent anyone from putting whatever they want in their mouth and bodies. We’d need a cop for every person and person for every cop; insanity. Prohibition is proof enough. I suggest, and I don’t have all the details of a plan, we decriminalize and regulate the drugs of abuse in the following manner:

The US Government should regulate the use of controlled substances and addictive drugs and  those people who choose to use them. As a result, their “medication” benefits will be “FREE,” regulated, pure, sterile, with measured and monitored use.  Addicts failing mandatory rehabilitation three times, and in return for government controlled narcotics to drug addicts (that can’t or refuse to be rehabilitated), all hopeless addicts would have to voluntarily submit, in writing, to various stipulations and conditions, and relinquish their citizen rights and privileges as follows:   

  • Authorize their entry into a nationally maintained data base of USA Certified Addicts    
  • Permitted with written notification to self administer a lethal dose of narcotics (based on recorded frequency and dose). 
  • Relinquish the following citizen rights & privileges.      
    • Driver Licenses.
    • Gun Licenses     
    • Professional Licenses.
    • Forced Sterilization.     
    • Surrender Right To Vote.      
    • Prohibited from holding a Position of Public Office, Trust, and Safety.       
    • Surrender freedom to migrate; Geographic Restriction.      
  • Use self administered drug in specific government locations; safe, secluded and prepared for personal hygienic and the disposal of human death.      
  • Quitclaim any right to public funding or fiduciary responsibility for chronic healthcare needs or emergency service and transport.        
  • Allow public viewing, in the government managed drug supply and administration facilities, by the nation’s youth as part of a Drug Abuse Education Program that features the results of choosing to abuse drugs. 

It’s a rough draft but you may get the idea. I believe a similar approach would accomplish several things. One, it would reduce demand as the worst addicts would either kick it or die. Two, it would reduce the financial incentive because the drugs, in terms of dollars, not a highly profitable “commodity.” Thirdly, the need for the military/criminal justice industrial complex would be reduced to just what it would take to administer the “USA Certified Drug Addict Program”.  See the WAR ON DRUGS CLOCK link below:

 See Frontline; The Meth Epidemic 

Publication Title: Shoveling Up: The Impact of Substance Abuse on State Budgets
Published Date: January 2001
Author:  The
National  Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia

This report is the first comprehensive analysis of how much substance abuse and addiction costs each state budget.  This unprecedented analysis shows that states spent a stunning $81.3 billion in 1998 to deal with this issue—13.1% of their budgets. Even more striking is that of every dollar states spent on substance abuse, 96 cents went to shovel up the wreckage in state programs and only four cents went to prevent and treat the problem.  This report provides state specific estimates for 45 responding states, the
District of Columbia and Puerto Rico for 16 categories of programs including health, social service, criminal justice, education, mental health and public safety.  CASA estimated aggregate spending in the five states that did not respond to our survey (IN, ME, NH, NC and TX).   


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