What’s the message?

Msg. June 5, 2006; Islamo-Fascists; Its no joke!


Just look at what it really takes to piss these “people” off! Indiscriminate Death and destruction of innocent people and property?  NO! Degradation, subjugation, and execution of women? NO! Beheadings, kidnappings, torture, homicide/suicide bombing of innocent men, women, and children?  No! Teaching hate and murder to children? NO! Demanding tolerance of their religious beliefs but giving none to Jewish and Christian believers? NO! Oppressive, tyrannical, authoritarian, NUCLEAR clerical governments that sponsor and harbor terrorists?  No! Radical, intolerant, hostile and extremist behavior, completely antithetical to the core beliefs and doctrine of Islam?  NO! Armies of cowardly Jihadists’ who shield themselves among their own people, wear no uniform, bear no flag of allegiance or civil government, subscribe to no conventions of warfare, and demand that the whole world should die if they don’t adopt their medieval ideology?  NOOOO!!

OHHHH! For Christs’ sake!! Commit such a blasphemous act as to publish a cartoon with a caricature of Mohammad or let a dog bark at one of them in a military prison?? NOW, that is something to really go to war about; they are completely justified to start burning down the cities and threatening to murder the members of the media that would dare to publish such a thing, right!? “Riiiiiiight!”

That whole attitude is soooo intellectually dishonest; so logically, morally and spiritually, corrupt! What a contrast to the right of indignation!! Why did we not hear similar protests, from all those Islamic protesters, rioting against the Danish cartoonist’s and his art depicting a caricature of their dead prophet, in response to the numerous Islamo-Fascist attacks, injustice, and rights violations against the world’s living? Their alleged right and radical choice to practice a dogmatic “religious” doctrine does not trump ourfreedom to live!!

I’m glad it pisses them allllll off! They should have spent more of their time considering the message of the cartoon! It says a lot about the Islamo-Facists that have high-jacked a religion to justify murder and oppression. Perhaps the response of the “true believers” and practitioners of the Islamic Faith should have demonstrated more humility and shame for their misguided brethren. Their anger is misdirected. They should turn and face those within their midst who use the words of Mohammed to legitimize death dealing destruction and evil. I guess the old adage is true, “The truth hurts!” “The pen is mightier than the sword!” Keep writing and cartooning boys!! They’re gett’n the message!!!

Islamo-Fascists deserve and justifiably should be criticized, characterized, and parodied by the whole world, until they individually and collectively STOP KILLING INOCCENT PEOPLE, admit their evil allegiance, intellectual dishonesty, and begin to embrace a true religion of peace and love for their fellow man.


See more about the facts of “the cartoon” here


October 28, 2006 - Posted by | Islamo Fascism

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